Scarcity to Abundance

So many of us are aware of the scarcity mindset. The way our body and mind share lack, not enough, and even incapacity to ‘deserve’ more. I have experienced it personally, plus over time & trust have heard of it from all that I work with in some way. No matter how old, where they live in the world, or are financially. We all have been affected by a parasitic seed – something that shares within us, our body, and then outside of us. It makes us feel like we are a shell, empty, and brittle. Delicate and breakable, or hardened and cavernous. Our cup has leaks, wounds, has been patched and mended over lifetimes and lineage. Breathe into that memory. Those memories and sensations. Breathe it through you, into the ground.

I was affected. Scarcity was one of my biggest hurdles in moving through, since it was ingrained in my lineage, as well as affirmed and reflected in my family. What I can share of the road from scarcity to an abundant being, is to first locate your ‘cup’, growing protection and strength of your container, your body/being. Allow yourself to access the alchemy within, know of the elemental energies and how they work together, your spirit helpers to support the building of your cup. One golden and strong.

Then, we can co-create (work, play, and rest), filling our cup(s). Ensuring that We are full (there is enough energy stores within) before We share of self, spirit, soul. We are then always moving from a state of abundance. We feel full and are sharing from an energy that feels abundant and overflowing with others. We can shine. We feel nourished, skin soft and damp from the elixir within. We are capable of being us with more than one, two, few.

How do we fill our cup? Ensure that you first feel safe, and have your needs met. That you are not operating from a point of lacking. This can be done by working with the elements to discover your needs. That was one of the biggest things for me. From moving from a point of survival, to then discovering actually what my needs are beyond just my necessities. As I discovered them, to then welcome them more. To speak them and use them to protect my space within and around. It also allowed me when I feel empty, or needing energy within, to tend to self first. So that I could then share more of whole full me with others.

Sharing from a space of abundance, is trusting you are full and can share more. It requires attention to emotion and sensation and to honour what your body truly shares with you. Scarcity may be a difficult mindset to overcome, but abundance is not solely in the mind. It resides as a being state, is a truth that ‘I am abundant’. In my circles, I work with 3 layers of entry to accommodate for those who wish to work on growing their cup, filling it, as well as then sharing what forms come in sharing of self and spirit. I will share these this week for you to choose which one applies most to you and see if you wish to join us to work with your elemental energy of body and earth to move beyond some of the larger hurdles together. We can do this together. Support each other as we grow.

This means, that be it that you wish to have some support on your journey privately or in circle with me, that you have options to assist you in moving further into abundance. Scarcity is a parasite that has affected us all in some way, and has been taught and reflected to us in all ways. In order to heal, mend, and grow beyond it we may need additional support. What does full feel like? A full cup? Full of love, possibility, support. Surrounded by strength, protection, wisdom. Can you sense it within? As more of us move towards a trust of our abundance, we can collectively envision the same shift gently and slowing occurring to our home, earth.

You are welcome to peruse my ways I share of assistance, and if you so choose, we can connect for a tea, where we choose to share our cups, in time honouring the transitions, gently to allow us to grow strong in space, and to brew more wisdom, knowing and awareness of I Am and You& You& you = We are… Look forward to collaborating, co-creating, commencing CurrentC in the way we can share our needs, come to an agreement that allows both to fill our cup. To gether we gather. We weave. We sow. Seeds, gold, pearls. We fill our being with the nectar, elixir, tonic, honey, or medicine to restore our stores and rebuild our containers within, of body, outside & beyond body.