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Supporting our energy body

Josi is a practicing Reiki (life energy) practitioner for the past 13 years, as well as shares trainings on subtle energy medicine, privately, with some of Reiki's first teachings made available online, via Youtube.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a subtle energy practice (hands-on or -off) that supports cleansing &/ clearing energy, protecting &/ the transmutational process of healing&growth.

It is gentle, like acupuncture, just breathe and receive. It is good maintenance, like massage, for your energetic body and well-being.

“Josi is a kind, compassionate and powerful healer. She possesses a deep respect for the teachings that she shares very generously. It has been such a pleasure to learn from her. She pushes you to expand your mind and develop your gifts feeling fully held and supported along the journey. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from such a grounded teacher. The tools I have developed through her guidance have allowed me to feel more confident and able as an intuitive energy healer. Josi you are so loved and respected. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to open to the word of energy medicine and spiritual guidance.”
- Jaime Verk, Toronto

Booking Information

Support your energetic well-being by scheduling a Reiki treatment. Treatments are held in-person. Distance treatments online are also available. Sessions for pets or children are only held in the presence of the parent.

1st session (1.5 hrs): $144 includes initial intake, energy assessment, and first treatment.
Follow-up sessions (45 mins): $75
In-depth sessions (1 hr 15mins): $108

In-person treatments are either held at your home, or at a private studio in the Meaford area. Recommendations to support the wellbeing in your home may also be shared with you. Please email Josi with your preferred times and days. If interested in Reiki private training, you are more than welcome to inquire.

These services offered here, first support Josi's needs in shelter, food, and care. Once those are cared for, a portion of the additional funds received, will go forwards to Mutual Aid support. Receipts and information on the Mutual Aid that our service supported, is updated periodically and shared via Patreon, or our email list.

josi's hands on a log

“Josi is an amazing healer. I had never experienced energy work until I worked with Josi and it truly blew my mind; the physical sensations, as well as the calming and grounding that I experienced internally. Josi is confident and strong, combining that with being gentle and compassionate at the same time. I have no hesitation in recommending Josi. She is a joy to work with and to learn from, and I miss our sessions greatly. I am truly thankful for having met Josi and for her introduction to the beautiful energy of Reiki”
- Hannah Kennett, Dubai



Seasonal Gardening

Josi’s shares love with the Earth, deep gratitude to the soil, that reminds us of our soul.

A Happy gardener

Josi's passion for gardening stems from their connections with earth energy, and they continue to dedicate time to care for our earth, & it's plants. They promote awareness of invasives, in order to support our natural habitats. Josi advocates for a healthy mix of most loved flowers and plants, alongside our native, and pollinator-friendly plants, to help the bees and birds. Josi believes a garden can extend much joy, solace, healing, and growth.

chalkboard sign in garden reads as i work on the garden, the garden works on me

“Josi has maintained my gardens for two seasons. She knows plants. Josi has transformed my garden with her knowledge of plants, soil and environmental elements. Not only are you investing in her quality and pristine work, but you will also benefit from her knowledge. She is creative in using all cost-effective resources, when an option, such as seeds, plant sales. Beautiful gardens that bloom all summer with a reasonable investment. Thank you!”
- Jo-Ann Van Maurik, Meaford

Booking Information

Hourly rate is $30+, dependent on labour involved
Josi works in Meaford, Thornbury, and the surrounding areas, found alongside the Georgian Bay. There is an additional transportation fee for more than 25km traveled.

Initial garden shape-up: an estimation of 2-4 hours, over a couple visits
weekly/bi-weekly maintenance: 1-3 hours, confirmation upon initial connection to the beds

We can coordinate a good time to get into your garden, together! Just email below,

please share your contact number, area, and some good times to reach you, so we can then arrange an initial phone chat, leading to a site visit.

hands with dust in between

“If you are looking for knowledgable, enthusiastic gardening help, then Josi would be the perfect choice! This young lady catches on very quickly, asks important questions and aims to please! She just finished edging and mulching several of our perennial borders and fluffed last year’s mulch. The property has never looked better and we will call on Josi when it’s time to deadhead and weed next month!”
- Lee Watt, Meaford

Local Workshops

legs crossed and seated on earth with hands open and beckoning

You carry medicine

subtle energy medicine links the mental, emotional, and the physical experiences, gently treating the root of the problems, over time. it tends to bring some relief for the discomforts in the body, heart, and mind. it can also support emotional release, and can be great comfort in times of grief.

Seasonal Workshops

i do share some shorter workshops, that can support you in attuning to Reiki / Breath of life, to support your body, your family/friends, and your beloved animals, trees, and plants. these short workshops share ways to affirm your relations with human, plant, animal, earth.


"I recently completed my Reiki training with Josi H and I have two words “Life Transforming.” I have experienced a deeper connection to self and healing in a loving, safe and nurturing environment. This has given me the tools to continue to self heal and to transfer that healing to others. This has truly been a blessing.”
- Lisa C., Toronto

Upcoming Workshops this Summer Season

Reiki for Dogs & Cats

Explore subtle energy support for your beloved pets, which will also support your own wellbeing. Extend energetic & most loving care for your dogs & cats, supporting a deeper connection between you all, as well as gentle relief from pain, discomforts, and/or fears.

this 5-hour workshop shares:

◦ initial attunement & first teachings of Reiki, to support your connections with the Breath of Life

Reiki first teachings manual, for further reference & reading

◦ practical skills & tips on how to treat your most beloved pets, and of course, your own body, for vitality and overall wellbeing

◦ learn of the energy cleansing process, that supports healing&growth, as well as how to bring in further protection to all that supports you

This 5-hour workshop is held on the following dates, choose the 1 that best suits you:
1) 2 evenings: Mon. July 29 & Thurs. Aug 01, 6-8:30pm
2) Full weekday: Tues. Aug 06, 11am-4pm
3) on the weekend: Sun. Aug. 18, 1pm-6pm

Total investment for this training is shared in sliding scale, to honour the many in our community. A percentage is shared towards the space rental for the workshop. Plus, a total portion of the funds received will be gifted forwards to supporting the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, the traditional keepers of this land,. Receipts are shared to all post our time together.

Suggested payment scale is $300 - 440, with $100 deposit to secure your seat on the workshop date of your choice, for space is limited to 5 people per 'shop. Payments can be made via e-transfer, or credit card. with the remainding amount due prior to commencement date.

Please note a workshop carries an immersive amount of informations, to be unpacked and practiced with. You are welcome to personally record the workshop for notes and exploration later, or bring what tools you need for notes, drawing, etc., during our times together.

Further details and documents will be shared after initial email, so when emailing, please remember, all questions are welcome!

each workshop date is limited to a maximum of 5 people, and will be held at Spirit Ridge private studio, about 10 mins. North of Sykes St., off of Grey Road 7. You do NOT need to bring your animals to the training, but trust, you can share all that's explored with them afterwards!


"Stepping into my true self while reconnecting and awakening to my gifts has been a truly wonderful experience thanks to Josi’s guidance, support and teachings. I am deeply grateful to have her as my mentor on this beautiful journey. With love and gratitude.”."
- Caroline S., Blue Mountains

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