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welcome to D-School!

A free school for further development of your connections with Spirit and rememberance of your Divine crafts.

D-school- free development classes to reconnect with Spirit and remember your Divine craft

“Working with you in Circle has been that gentle, soft, yet STRONG place to land. To ground. Working with you in Circle, even through YouTube and your Oracle Live readings, your New and Full Moon readings, have been the safe places that I’ve always wanted. That space where I feel seen, understood, respected, and loved. I am so grateful for your presence here on Earth at this time, coincidentally coinciding with mine.”
- Riquel Corder, USA

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“I’ve experienced so much growth working and studying with Josi. Yes, she brings years of experience and knowledge through yoga, meditation, energy work and intuitive connection. But what has allowed for such transformation for me is being in the space she holds, the circle where we explore and grow our personal empowerment and create unconditional support for all in community. Working with Josie has been part of my personal practice for several years and more to come.”
- Jody Low-A-Chee, Toronto