Levels of entry to work with me

1 – Guardian level (Protection & Support)

(holding the space, working alongside angels, ancestors, eee, we are EL, family, all)

This level of entry into working with me (privately or in circle) welcomes those who need to have their financial offering protected. Be it how much, how little, or none at all. And in exchange, they consent to work with their guides, spiritual team and assist in co-creating the container, the energy of the first ring of protection for the circle itself.

Simply connect with me and share your intent on entering any circle gathering offered, or for private work. Please note, this is only available at the beginning of a circle journey, not the middle. You can choose to come along for the entire time, in however you are able to. You can share who you are working with, what you are wishing to build connection with, and grow forwards.

You are learning of mulitiplicty in oneness, 1way, 2ways, 4ways. Directions, wards, rooms. Locating the areas of safety within, to then grow your rooms and then get comfortable in the spaces shared within. You have come for the support on this journey of growing your strength & protection from within, then into your whole body, then home. You are building rooms that are protected, learning of boundaries and trust with self, spirit and slowly others (more).

You are wary of gathering with elements out of your control. Control has assisted in keeping the chaos and feeling out of control with fears & doubts or denial at bay for you to function and survive. The process in circle may share ways for you to explore the shared control of self with spirit, and then slowly, gently with others.

If you are interested in connecting about this Guardian layer of support to work, play, and rest alongside me in some way, simply connect via email sharing how you have arrived, where you wish to go, and what you are capable of offering at this time, even if it is “only” you. 

2- I see you, Creatrix

(the switchers, creators, magicians, knowledge of the X – mover)

This level of entry into the circle includes a sharing of currentC, the financial offering, with agreements for full payment, monthly payments, and more. CurrentC opens up the pathways, a double sí to bring through more flow between all that we are and spirit we brings with us. It’s a current of connection, collaboration, and honours all that you are and bring, CreatriX.

Dependent on our previous work together, or if this is a new connection, then this may be open to discussion on discounts or different payment terms.

These are the ones who have been working with the elements, their magick, their guides, nature. Earth. Moon. Stars. Sun. You are ready to evolve (revolve). To play. To move. To make magick. To share medicine (receive/release). To work more with your elixir. Your honey, oil, and flame. You are ready to rest(fall) into more feeling, flow, fun, si.

I welcome you, Creatrix. I look forward to seeing what we can co-create! Together we gather. On equal ground, with respect for our talents and capacity.

Questions? Just email me or connect for a tea chat.

3 – offerings

giver(gifted) (given) give(gift)

You are an artist. A healer. A key keeper. A giver, a gifter. A musician. A dancer. Love offerings are your vibe. This can be a miX. Of currentC, group offerings, gifts.

This is open to a tea chat, and for us to see how we can make art together. My current larger art projects include a collective oracle/tarot (welcoming messengers(writers) & artists(illustrators), photography, dancers, & video (I welcome you for gift exchanges), collaborative paintings. A music album envisioned, involving sound medicine (healing/guides) and sacred sounds, rattles, drums, crystal bowls, and more. I welcome musicians, singers, and more. I love to collaborate, to work & play with many muses. To consent to share of our gifts, and to give offerings & forms with gratitude & grounding.

Whatever way you so choose, there are options for our work & play together, be it privately, or in circle. You can email me to book a tea chat today!