When did you first hear “I love you”?

Love is unconditional and infinite. Who was the first person who shared the blessing with you of love? And then when did they share there were conditions to their shared love with you? How did those in your first family unit, or relationships, teach you of the confusion that the love for you is always, but then could be withheld or shared with new terms as they arose?

The more I journey with others in opening more to love within self, others, and with spirit, I see more and more of how the conditions placed on or pain shared by those who taught us of love lead to uncertainty of how then to access it outside of the old ways of give and take, or withhold and grant. Love is not a treat or a reward. Intimacy can grow within self, spirit and others all ways.

I have received some messages from the first family of EL (angels) on Love that in humanness translate as so for now:
Does your love for someone end when they die? Of course not. Love continues beyond life and death cycles.
Is love found only in what is known? There is love to be experienced in what is now known and what may be now unknown.
Love is in all. In darkness and light. It is found in pain, in endings, in discomfort, in all that we heal and grow. It is in the heavy, it is in the empty. It is in all ways and descriptions along the polarized spectrum. It is throughout all space, no matter how far away another may seem to be.
The conditions of before can now be healed from if you wish. The withholding and bindings of owned love. Conditions now can be seen as simply the pulsations between opening more and the boundaries shared that ensure that you have the sensation of safer space in time to experience the infinite love within you, I and we. For a fuller expression of self for all. For you to choose relations with those ready to support opening. Opening of love within you, and opening of love within them. So you can express all that is you.

Opening to Love. Heal and grow from the conditions of before. Trust that Love always is and will be. You can fall or walk towards it. In this remembering of infinite Love found within all cycles, you can walk away from what does not allow true loving expression, that does not honour all of you now. Not you in some perfect form or expression, whole you now.