Space Between

Have been contemplating lots on SPACE recently – maybe because with the completion of the 1st round of the Body Earth Program, the 5th week afterwards is a week of space. Space to pause, space to allow assimilation of what was moved through.

What has come up in this space week for me, is looking at how I really truly feel about space in all its ways between. 

How does the space between things in your schedule feel? 

As I healed from the need to constantly be productive, the space between work commitments has become more peaceful, but it wasn’t always so. It took time to allow the feelings of “need to do”, “must be busy” to be felt and moved through, even the guilt, or shame. It gifted me ways to honour all emotions and to get more comfortable with listening to the feelings that surfaced in space. 

How does the space between you and other people feel? 

In my journey with understanding energetic boundaries and intimacy, I do see the beauty found here, but had to let go of the tendencies taught of holding on, practicing honouring space required between two was to allow more space for growth for both, discovering further the choice to move with greater connection to truth through space.

Maybe you don’t have a lot of space between things right now. Maybe you have ample space out of the need to grow protection from within. How do you relate to space right now? I am curious. 

The more I connect with space and the feelings that then have space to surface, the more I have found I can let go of the heavy in the discomfort. I have begun to trust that discomfort also comes in growth. I have come to further explore the wisdom shared in sensory movement of my being through space.

Do you feel you need more space between right now, or less? What in the present moment is surfacing to make it so? 

If you are interested in receiving some guidance from spirit in your relations to space, I am offering oracle sessions accessible to all this season. May we feel more and step out of the thought loops that may repeat in the space between.