EARTH – Home

Look around you. Look at what’s below you, all that is part of this beautiful planet Earth we call HOME. We are of the stars, sky, sun, moon and earth. We are of infinite galaxies, of the greatest macrocosms, as well as our energy is within the minutest of microcosms. Look at the cycles of the seasons, the day to night, all the different ways we move and dance through time and space. The energy of the elements reflects the energy of the Earth, the Stars, and your energy being.

We are all and we are one. We are many in one. We are one with All. However you may describe it. Words cannot even fully express it. You are Divine. You are Sacred Sound. All are Divine. All sound Sacred. Listen to the Earth, she is your greatest teacher. She will teach you how to listen and to see. Go sit with her. Be in nature.

Step into the natural sounds. You will hear whispers and gentle ways to offer her your gratitude. You can sit with the mountain spirits and stone protectors and connect to the divine masculine, the parts of Father Sky that are on this Earth to protect her and support her growth and healing. Go by the rivers to feel the divine feminine energy in motion. Feel her flow. Look up and bask in the Sun. Feel the sacred Fire above us and the spark of that glow within us. Promise to care for this power responsibly. Breathe and listen to the living symphony that flows with the wind. Welcome the messengers of Spirit that are in this Space with us. Human beings, animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, and trees. All of creation, living, breathing, being and becoming. Pulsing and dancing in the sacred embrace. Abundant in support, love and learning. Earth shows us her abundance all ways. In what grows, in what she receives from us (our energy, kaka, tears, blood), in what she gives to us. On Earth we see the dance between all of the elements, we see a greater reflection of who we are.

We witness All. All ages of us that dance within our energy, the inner child, the parent and the elder. We can observe on a walk amongst the trees of how life supports death and death supports life. You see the fallen trees creating fertile soil for the new sprouts that are then sheltered and cared for by their older cousins. We see how the healing cycle is the life cycle is the death-rebirth cycle. We then can comprehend how in our connection to All that is, we can make peace with All that we are. Look at the multitude of movements, the rhythm of you within her.

Mother Earth is used to describe the divine feminine that is our will, our bodies, our human form. Father Sky is used to describe the divine masculine that is Spirit connection, Star guidance from angelic beings and other star people not in human form. Sometimes in using these terms, they may bring up sensations in the body or mind to process, due to our lessons and challenges with parental figures. I do not use these terms lightly, and know that ideas such as home, mother and father, can bring up some big kaka to shift through.

Do you feel at home? I grew up with a family that regularly moved due to financial circumstances, work or school needs. I realized early on to accommodate change in needs, be ready for change with making new friends, learning the ropes of a new school system, or a new neighbourhood. So when I continued the same dynamic in my independent life, I thought it was solely due to financial circumstances and survival. I was kicked out of my 2nd father’s home when I was 16. My mother and I at that time were estranged since their divorce. I then floated between homes with friends and room rentals that each came with their own set of circumstances and difficulties. I learned that there was no such thing as a safe space, and I simply could make the 4 corners of my room safer and as restful as possible.

When I left Toronto in 2012 (it was the 2nd time), I did so for I was done with this cycle of disconnect with home and the constant struggle to get my needs met. I bought a 1-way ticket to Peru, packed a suitcase and stepped out of the patriarchal system with a small amount of money that could possibly get me by a month or two. I knew I needed to go connect to the home of my ancestors, to listen to their whispers in the breeze and learn their teachings by the nightly fires. I learned so much of home there with the land, healing my connection to Mother Earth. I saw her teachings, both strong and soft. How someone would walk into the ocean and break their leg, then had to extend their stay with her to learn more from her. How those that moved honouring the natural rhythm, would meet each other when needed, for a moment of recognition, a lesson or a cycle.

I ended up staying to learn with her and the ancestors for 7 months. Which then prepared me for my next 6-year journey of healing my connection to the divine masculine. This took me to the desert sun, amongst sand protectors and deeply held secret wisdom of Arab tribes that were locked far into the rock’s core. It was brutal and stripped me bare. It was also supportive and magnificent at times. Even then, I flopped between homes and rooms with friends at the time. It was within my last year there, after my last physical assault experienced, that I finally was able to create a sacred and safe space for myself. I learned of intrinsic boundaries of home and self to assist in my healing. And then, I got the call. From the Earth herself, she asked me to go home. I knew exactly where she meant, I missed the smell of soil, the green and rain. Back to where I was born, Toronto, or Tkaronto – trees standing in water.

These past 2 years home have given me time to make peace with the balance between. Between Spirit and Body. Between Masculine and Feminine. To face all the traumas experienced and begin to feel again. To trust and allow my star team and spirit guides to share their guidance with me. To heal and expand from the polarities and move forwards into an authentic space beyond.

Along my healing journey I have come to peace with my body. My body that some may describe as more feminine. I understand why my form must show more feminine in this lifetime. I understand why my skin must be an intrinsic mix of tones and cultures. I understand why I had to move through Earth school in a multitude of traumatic ways. I understand why I learned certain religions and philosophical practices. I understand why I always felt outside of the boxes of that old patriarchal society. I accept that it took me a good 4 decades of life to step into my full allowance of my gifts.

I am here for these times. I am at peace with all that brought me Here now. To this point of sharing the adventure of self discovery that can lead to you making peace with your body and your world. To then comprehend how, as we are constantly shifting and moving within us, that we can then ride the waves of transformation outside of us with more grace. I accept the memories of past lives and my ancestor’s memories that reside within to come forward and share their patterns when needed. I open to the pulse and divine rhythm that allows our inner globes to coexist within the greater macrocosm that is our Earth being.

I remember when I first connected to earth energy and felt for the first time in decades the liveliness and strength in her charge. Our work that is in our presence that is in our aligning of our light with hers has allowed her to fully come on. You helped her come back, don’t you see? You are already ‘awake’. You have connected to this work to activate your being once again. So your codes can be received once again. We are the Earth. Children of Light. All you need to do is heal. So you then can just Be. Simply BE. YOU. Ground your energy into the Earth and receive from the Stars.

That endless seeking, that constant feeling that you were not enough, don’t you see how those programs were placed into us for us to not see what is already Here? As I have worked through the endless mind programs and trauma experienced from the patriarchal offshoots (supremacism, colonialism, capitalism), I take a moment to understand why patriarchy came to be. There was a moment on Earth when the chaos, creation and free flow felt like too much. The uncertainty and fears became too strong. There was a need for structure and order so that our beings at that time could feel safe. But in that safe order, many then relinquished their power, creating a power deferential. This then led to certain people allowing more toxic entities into their energy fields, taking over their minds and bodies. These toxicities saw how easy it would be by that point to keep control over many, so they could feed off of their energy stores. Keeping the desires and wishes of a few well fed, while others slowly wasted away.

As I step out of these old systems, with a promise to continuously face within me the embedded kaka whenever it may arise, I have to also make peace that the initial system wasn’t at fault. But certain things can spread and take over our beings when allowed in. Those toxic parasites of fear, violence and comparison that lead to judgements.

It’s unfortunate for all these patriarchal systems that affected our truths. Especially of Earth. Our home. That she doesn’t want us, she doesn’t love us, that she’s angry with us, that she’s dying, that she’s self-destructing, or that she doesn’t have enough for all. These untruths have led to a capitalist system that is bred from this innate reflection of lack. It is one of the greatest ways they keep you feeding into the toxic system. Not enough love, ease and joy to go around. You are instead told that you have to prove your worth, compete with another, take more for you and yours, us against them, people will steal from you, or they are not to be trusted. We are shown the disparity of this, that there are trillionaires while there are those without basic shelter and food. We are taught of the importance of private property over life. All the parasitic energies surface within capitalism. It has kept such an immense stronghold on us all, that we begin to believe these untruths. Then we again, give up our power. Continuing the cycle of lack.

In one of my ceremonies with my mentor, Earthkeeper Nukumi Selina Mu, we journeyed to connect with the energy of abundance. The closest I can to describe the sensation of it is golden sun streaming through green leaves on trees. It is that beautiful blend of energies of the colours golden-yellow and brilliant green. Earth mother reminded me that Abundance is us. It is our natural state. When we accept what we are meant to do in this lifetime and do it.

I opened the Akashic records once on money. They shared how this was originally earth energy. How it was giving and receiving with Love. It is the magick of offering, of right relationship and reciprocity. But just as the patriarchal system became imbalanced, so did money, and much of it was not shared in this balanced way. The energy was one of lack, disparity and discontent. As we heal our connection to the earth, we also heal our connection to money. Practice sharing your money with Love. Create relationships with those you give money to. Be it the farmers, vendors, builders, healers, whomever. Every time money is exchanged with love it repairs and heals the energy in exchange. It will heal you and your relationship to others.

When money tries to bring separation, judgements or opinions between you and another, neutralize this parasite by communicating your feelings and boundaries. Share and communicate openly with all that you exchange money with, lend it to, or give it to. Be clear on the energy you are giving or open to receive. This will help bring balance once again.

I always knew I was a spiritual guide. But I knew that the energy teachings I would share of had to first be supported by divine timing of stars aligned, then flow with the Earth energy as it awoke, as well as be reflected in you who are aligning in healing yourself. We are all in this together.

We can receive the abundance of ease, love and joy, together. Where people can rise up in community and share their gifts to co-create. There are many sacred roles we step into – the teacher, the healer, the builder, the caregiver, the nourisher, _______ (add more). Within your last weeks of contemplation within this course, ask yourself which roles make your heart sing. Then process what arises that doubts your truth, that doubts that you are capable of experiencing joy and peace. You have the tools.

We carry keys to co-create all that we desire. But these toxic systems just kept us separated, our bodies revolted in connecting to the keykeepers around us, for we would see others as competition, or losers to us winning the fight. Our heart still beat, and made us yearn for love, for in harmony we could actually connect to each other and shift these harmful systems. Some of us have had to step into the work sooner than others, so we could move through the terrible kaka first to be ready for when the mass awakenings happened. Some of us may be guiding other leaders, teachers, healers, builders, etc. In order that we can all be active in creating a harmonious earth. Where All beings work and play together. Where rest is integral and allowed. Where All are accepted to exist in a beautiful multitude of different shapes, sizes, colours and identities. Many in One. One Earth, one home, where we All can Be.

Do you feel at home? If not, do the work.  Bring your body back online. Allow your feeling body to communicate with your Spirit. Synch up my love. Honour your cycles and rhythms. Move and rest, dance and sing, heal and grow. Be You and your community will show up. They will hear your call – your heart’s song. And in the amplification of each other, the support and upliftment of each other, you will heal more, release more, grow more. Be open to receive and give clear boundaries. This is right relationship. Offer gratitude and support to others for their energy and time. Honour people’s contributions. Be clear in your agreements between you, another, a community and spirit. Allow for them to change as you grow. Speak your truth. Share your gifts and medicine. We are co-creating our home and a more harmonious future. There is more than enough abundance for all.

It’s time.

Sound out your story. First maybe alone, then maybe with one, or a group, and then maybe with all. See what resonates as you move through your cycles. Write it, feel it, sing it, express it however you are move to. See how all has led you to this moment. Now. Breathe into all of you that is within this moment. All of you that sits and breathes and loves and is here right now. Anchor your energy into the earth, go deep right into the core. Then move past that core to the other side, then into the sky that meets above you. Let yourself move horizontally and feel the space around you. You can connect and support All. Witness all the elements of the earth. Listen and feel all the Beings on earth. All the life that moves and flows. Witness all the aspects of your Being and Becoming. See your totality. You are Beautiful. YOU ARE HOME.

Homework is to practice the meditation on Releasing Old Pains.  Be in nature. Go for walks, sit by a tree. Listen to the birds. Journal, paint, knit, dance, flow and create as you are guided to. Rest and rest some more. Integrate all that has come and all that will be. Eat foods from the earth, give gratitude to the earth for that nourishment. Listen. You are home.