Your KEY

Thank you for listening to the movement key, this key that I was gifted, these understandings that have helped me as well as others along our healing process. It has been so incredible to witness the clearings, the remembering, the release, and the guidance received by those that have stepped on this path with me. It is an honour to witness your divinity. We all, for a cycle, be it small or large, are in resonance. I thank you for seeing me. For listening to my sound, my heart song. Bless You.

I thank you for reading my words, seeing how sometimes simple they may be and repetitive. This way the energy of these books are a catalyst for self-healing. Gentle, slow, and with ease. Allow yourself to open to more energy, sound and light. Walk the spirals, dear one. Every step has meaning.

These tools are here to assist you on your journey. But these are not linear teachings. Allow them to expand and grow within you. Honour what they gift you within your Sacred Self, then enjoy the remembrance of your own key. We all are here for a purpose and that purpose grows as we grow. To bring forward our natural gifts, our medicine, and speak our truth. To assist in the dream weaving of a balanced and harmonious existence.

Now rest, dear one. Enjoy the time to integrate all that came in this course. A course is simply a route, one path along this lifelong journey. Give yourself as much space and time as you need. Rest your bodies, bathe in sea salt, oil your form and find natural scents and herbs to care for you. Ask your being what to eat. Drink lots of water. You will know when your fire ignites you, and when your sacred being is ready to step onwards again.

I have faith in You. Eye See You Divine.

So much Love, Josie

If you are guided to continue this journey with me, just ask. There are ways for us to continue the walk together. I am here. I also am grateful for a gifted community of teachers and healers that I stand by and support if you are in want of another sound. Either way, you are welcome here. This is our path. This sacred path of our total divine.