SPACE – sex & love

This may be when the questions around sex come up with another. Since Love has been taught to us in a very base way, and what I mean by that, is the nuclear family teaching of that there is a mother and a father, then the 2 come together and create a new life. This is obviously not inclusive to all beings on this planet, all families, and all sexual experiences. This has also left a lot of beautiful beings constantly yearning for that other, feeling as if they have not yet found their wholeness or completeness until they fulfill this base teaching. It is truth, but in energy, not in form. Yes, your masculine and feminine energies dance apart to support space and unite to create union points. In those union points, creation energy occurs in addition to the connection between the two. It is a 3rd divine energy.

Sexual energy has been utilized for eons, in many different ways, for it is very powerful. Why? For it unites, it merges 2 or more energy beings. This enhances creational capacity, their union amplifies. Sex obviously doesn’t just mean penetration. It is an agreement between 2 or more beings to enter their energy fields, upon invitation of course. To merge their energy, hence amplify their capacity to create. Which is why it has been used in the patriarchal system for eons as a weapon, and as a secret. There are reasons why sex is so taboo, yet so many of us have been victims of sexual assault. It keeps you away from accessing this key.

It keeps you away from knowing that creation amplifies in union. Initially, it is what was discussed in Part 1 – union between You and Great Spirit. Divine, sacred union. But what has separated us from this divinity is to also separate us from each other. For true union, between Self, One, All and Spirit, can gift you access to pure creational energy. This is coded for those who are ready to remember this, you will. This is all I can share here of this within this first course. More of creation teachings will come when more have done the work of unlearning the mind programs and releasing residual supremacism & trauma in the body.

Have you ever had a lover that suddenly it felt like you were dealing with or healing their issues? Well, that’s because you are. Sexual energy is a merging, and if they are healing/releasing/clarifying (which we all are), you are willingly choosing to do their work for them or with them. It is an agreement to amplify. But amplification can be a magnification of energy wounds, parasites and toxins, or of ease, joy and love. It does not matter how many partners you choose. Many may opt out of monogamous partnerships or marriage structures as they heal from the patriarchy, supremacism and colonial structures in their body and mind. What does matter is to go into any union with the knowledge that you will be letting them into your energy body. You will now both be choosing to do the healing work of both of you, together. You are Sacred. You are Powerful. Choose what works for You.

Within the center, we look at Love. We look at our connection to it, or repulsion of it. We look at our past loves, and times where it has felt like our ‘heart was broken’. We look at the people we have declared love for, and those that have given us immense pain to feel and move through. We are not afraid of love, we are afraid of the same pain from before replaying itself. Sexual trauma and relationship abuse has kept many of us on the healing journey without intimacy. There then becomes a deep intense desire to connect with someone, like a ‘twin flame’. The urgency and desperation energy felt around this desire is similar to the energy sensed with those who have an urgency to connect to a spirit guide. Either or, be it in human form or spirit form, this immense desire for a ‘perfect other’ can be first accessed within self. Bring union first to Self. Connect to your divinity, which merges seemingly ‘opposite’ energies within self.

Write love letters to your past loves. Share how it made you feel, the anger of how they hurt you, the discontent – for there is never really a reason why. Understand that many who share ‘love’ have not fully accessed that true loving energy within themselves. There are some past loves that I have said “I love you” to for I felt their need to hear those words. It placated them for a time. But at that time, I was not actually able to share the loving energy with another, for I was still healing from deep sexual traumas. My healing at times did inhibit my capacity to share loving energy with others, for I was needing to acclimate it within my own bodies. Know that once Love is accessed within your center space, it may first feel at first super intense. More intense than any Love felt for another. Breathe into it, welcome it and allow it to transmute what you are ready to heal. Welcome a new intensity, one that is super powerful, that can melt away the greatest fears, and heal the deepest hurts.

Then, as more of the pain around union heals, be it between Self, Another (one), Community (All), and Spirit, you will be able to access the magick within center space. Be it in accessing more body wisdom (teachings of your ancestors) within your gut/pelvis womb space. Be it in channelling more spirit guidance (connections to your star people and spirit guides) within your pineal/third eye crown space. Then, most delightfully, bringing these 2 energies to meet within your heart space.

I remember when I first connected to creation energy. I felt the merging of the 2 into another one. It felt as if time stopped. I could be still, in the loving darkness, comfortable and resting. As I was still, I witnessed this immense, beautiful movement, divine Spirit stepping in and moving another way. In the space between, we allow Spirit to assist us. In the space between breaths, thoughts, actions, we accept that we are truly not alone. There is a joyous, peaceful, and loving Source Creator Energy that will happily dive into the dark and bring the infinite into form. There is so much Love to be felt, to be witnessed, to be expressed. So clear your minds so you can dream big and be supportive to your wishes. Allow yourself to see things that may not have ever been an actuality, the infinite is possible. Process your emotional buildup and allow cycles of trauma to move through you. So your body can sing and share it’s gentle guidance with you, so you can feel the expansive clarity and openness of your being when you are resonating with your truth. Then bring this buoyancy of sensation and light codes into your center of centres. Then simply allow it to Be. No more effort or force needed. Allow it to Be. Listen. You will begin to hear your sound, your Heart Song. Allow it to reverberate through your being. To sing into all spaces within and around. Your energy is your music.

The Rainbow People

“Black bodies carry the keys to creation” – Natoya Hall. Indigenous bodies carry the way to be in harmony with earth & all living beings. Queer bodies carry the 3rd energy of infinite form (hence why variations of gender identity and sexual identity is ever growing). This is not to make any of you who do not feel you fit into these categories to feel less than. I am not giving you another box! Remember, that is a colonial way, and a supremacist way. To be perfectly honest, I think all of us are queer in some way since gender identity and sexual identity are a beautiful spectrum. We are all part of the rainbow! All bodies carry keys. Some share this as codes. Think of something that is safely kept. A safe can be opened by a key or a code. This safe is your center. Keys can only be shared in harmony. They are protected by Love.

The Rainbow Prophecy, shared by many indigenous tribes, spoke of people of all colours, genders and backgrounds coming together on the spiritual path to heal and ascend. Ascension is now. Every single one of you who is reading this, who is doing the work to heal the body and connect it with spirit is ascending. We are becoming as well as already are being. Open to the guidance from the Stars, as well as the intuitive wisdom from the Earth. Open your capacity to receive both. Our energy body is divine. Our HUmanness is divine. Hu = You, our divinity. I have always shared this to be a remembrance, for the keys are already within you. As you align with Spirit, just like a key does in a lock, it will then be able to open all memories required for you to move forward with ease, love and dare I say it, JOY.

Joy can be a challenging concept. Especially when we may regularly have experienced difficulty. There can be initial trepidation when you are in ease. Work through your cycles, and more and more you will reconnect to your TRUST. This course overall is in that. Re-establishing your trust in Self, One, All and Spirit.

All bodies require healing. As we dismantle the old toxic systems within us, we can then collaborate with all beings. Do you see why once we all choose to connect, listen and speak to one another with honour, that we then can be great together? It is together – self, one, all and spirit, that will then share with us all what is needed to know. Be okay with making mistakes and fumbling as we heal. Let go of the need to do it perfectly. Perfection is another supremacist teaching. Cycles of healing are of course cycles of growth. It sometimes will feel risky, uncertain, and vulnerable. We are moving through so, so much to clear! Find healers and a supportive network that resonate. There are many wayshowers. They may shift as you shift. Allow yourself to explore.

SPACE is our access of the in-between. We get to see both, listen to both. Then realize that ‘both’ is another thing. This 3rd energy, that central space of infinite ease, love and joy can also carry many things. We work on clearing & protecting space, connecting to the pillars that support space, access the flow of breath and energy within space, and then, finally, access the center. As you may encounter, within that center there is infinite, it’s the zero point of the infinity symbol. It’s union. It’s a gateway to everything and no-thing.

Homework is to use Healing Meditation – Protection & Connecting to Center. I also recommend this meditation channeled from the Cosmic Mother on balancing polarities & processing old patterns I recorded on 02/22/2020. Sometimes when we access Ease, Love and Joy within our being it feels open, raw, vulnerable or intense. It is a new sensation. Sometimes your bodies may ‘tune out’ or go to a ‘semi-conscious’. This may be where you can access it now. Continue the healing cycles. Slowly you will bring all of you into a conscious state. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Gently and slowly. Rest, nourish, gift time with loved ones in presence. Shift boundaries with others to support your healing. Be in nature and listen. Dance and sing. Shake and move. Journal. Clean your house. Go for a walk. Make your days sacred. Make your routines your rituals. Allow. Welcome all of You.