There is an order to things. Nature shares this with us, that even in the seeming wild that is nature, there is a beautiful order and design within it. Listen and observe nature and the elemental teachings. Reflect nature (macrocosm of elemental energy) to self (microcosm).

  1. Air – breathe, move, clear and protect your boundaries – HEART
  2. Water – feel, release, flow, transmute – BODY intuition – GUT
  3. Fire – clarify, manifest, responsibility – SPIRIT guidance – MIND

These are the elements of the Earth, our Home. Before we go home, we need to connect to the space between.

The space between breaths. The space between emotions. The space between thoughts. This is what us doing all the clearing and healing is for. To welcome more SPACE. Within that space, we can then connect with our intention to love, to ease and to joy. I see this space as an energetic diamond, crystalline, and deeply connective of the flowing energy within your being. The points that make up these energetic spaces within us that I share here come from my studies, practice, channeled guidance, soul’s wisdom and intuitive experience with the chakra system, the tree of life system, the flower of life and the merkabah. You are welcome to further your studies in any that resonate. Know that many books, movies, and learning have been placed on your path to awaken codes within you. They may be the next key on your journey. Learning is growing, and it’s part of the journey. I have shared some recommendations of books and movies at the end. Also, with learning, take what resonates now and leave the rest. But, promise to revisit when called to.

What I share now is how these elements all merge into an expanded sensation of Center within 3 central union points within you. Gut, heart and mind. Each center has 4 meeting points (pillars) of support for the space within. Space is access, it is a portal, a gateway. To access gifts, healing energy, guidance, and wisdom. Take what you wish from these teachings and explore where you may be guided to go from here with your study. Our central axis is not pictured here, but this central channel is most definitely there. Think if you looked at these diamonds in 3D, they are the pyramid structure combined.

  1. GUT – Intuitive, feminine energy center (combination of top of root, sacral & bottom of solar plexus chakras, as well as the Yesod, Hod and Netsach points in Tree Of Life [TOL])
    1. 4 pillars are Ease within Self, with Another (One), with community (All), with Spirit
  2. MIND – Spirit guidance, masculine energy center (combination of third eye of the chakras, pineal gland, binah & chochmah of TOL)
    1. 4 pillars are Joy in Self, in One, in All, in Spirit
  3. HEART – 3rd non-binary energy of Self, infinite form within CENTER (heart, lowest part of throat, upper part of solar plexus chakras, as well as Tipheret, Gevurah and Chesed of TOL)
    1. 4 pillars are Love of Self, of One, of All, of Spirit

The Root & Crown are known in all energy systems. They are shown as access points, union points between You and what is below, and You and what is above. They are the entry points to the energy of the Sky and Stars, as well as the Earth, Moon and Sun. The direction of energy goes both ways. It is a choice to open these or close these. You will see they have been in every meditation shared, they are accessed all ways. I will discuss them more in Part 5 (Earth).

I don’t want to speak too much of toxic/parasitic entity use of power for we already experience it a lot. I don’t wish to give them much of my energy, for I work on protecting spaces, bodies or clearing kaka or entities on a regular basis. One thing I will share is that these entities are/become heartless for it is not coming from a place of balance. There were some very powerful parasitic entities that infiltrated our earth and bodies to utilize the creational capacity we have to their benefit. They are not of Light. They have learned how to simulate an effect of clearing the mind and the body that is more robotic than natural. This has made them access creational energy to then bring things into being. These are only working for the power used is of Beings of Light. From Us. But they will always backfire. Creation must come from a place of Light for the Good of All.  This means that things that have been created that are not for the good of all will fall when enough people step out of giving their power to them. So be sovereign once more. Say NO. Do NOT let them in.

You may also have seen in the energy flow diagram that there are 2 connective loops above and below to energy outside of you in Sky and Earth. As well, there are 2 connective loops that intersect and create almost what looks like another point, an eye. These are integral places yet that sometimes have blocks to inhibit the flow of energies between. These are “ignition points”, which are located in the center of the solar plexus and the throat. Ways to access the Heart, the portal to All that is. Love is the center of all centers. The portal to all – infinite form, worlds, possibility. When you clear space and honour both feminine and masculine energies within your being, you then can access loving creation. There is no limit. You can create all that you desire for Self, Spirit, One and All.

Parasitic and toxic power have no way to truly access this Heart center. The heart has an incredible fortification system. If it has been traumatized, threatened or tried in the past to be broken into by another using toxic/parasitic ways, they may have affected these ignition/entry points (you may feel blocked in connecting gut to heart, or mind to heart). So instead of trying to break open the heart, or force your way into the Loving Center (old teachings of colonization & supremacism), work on the gut and mind first. Bring balance in those areas first. Then see the choice it takes to move the energy up or down into the heart centre. Self first. Spirit first. Then Love. You will begin to access more and more of the flow between. Gift yourself time to do these gently. Gift yourself space to Be You.