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Ancestors & Spirit Guides

Divine masculine is the conduit, the supportive structure, the pillar. It is what comes in the phrase, “I support you”. It is the promise of support and communication that will be there always to allow the feminine to flow.

Your experience is your sensory perceptions is your intuition is your feeling feminine energy. Your education is not for naught, look at the skills it has gifted you and all that you have gathered to be a part of your medicine! Your spiritual guidance is your mind receptors is your pineal and light receivers in your crown, which is your spiritual masculine energy. They require each other. If someone is telling you that one is better than another, that spiritual ascension is without feeling or body, take a step in another direction. Listen to You. Does it feel right and light? Does it feel expansive and life-affirming? Does it sing a loud YES! Follow You. Allow your sound to become louder than the others that permeated your mind. For that is when you will be able to listen more. And in that greater listening, you will hear your own spirit (which may consist of connection to other star beings) guide you further into embodying your gifts and speaking your truth than ever before.

If you have an urge to connect to ancestors or spirit guides, know that these come when you have done this work and your body & spirit are ready. Do the work. Listen and observe. You are not alone – this is a great and powerful mind program. They made you think you are alone so that you would look to them for all the answers, and gift them with all your creation power. You have never been alone. You are surrounded always by ancestors and spirits that LOVE YOU THE MOST. That have your greatest GOOD and HIGHEST PURPOSE & POTENTIAL at heart. They love you. You are so Loved.

Spirit guides can be from ancestral lineages as well as from the stars. They are part of your support team to bring your gifts into this life if you so choose. They can give you great comfort as you heal and move through all the work. They can be connected to first within meditations and ceremony. As you progress with your connection and trust in that connection, they can move to be a part of your day and life. Sometimes there is almost an intense desire from some to connect to their guides. They will request or ask about it, and I will share some prep work on how to get there. It takes time.

I recently was reflecting on how a lot of spirit guides connect with people, is that they feel them by their side. They are holding their hand, or by their arm. A lot of spirit guidance is through their presence by your arms or shoulders. The majority of ancestors I see are behind you, by the right or left. This is also where there lies energetically residuals of traumatic experiences, such as assault, abuse, etc. This is part of our healing work, to move the energy of harmful grasps, of when our arms may have tried to fight an assailant, or someone has snuck up behind us. I apologize if this triggers. I am trying to be as gentle in this teaching as I can be. We must heal from when contact and connection to our upper body was harmful first. So we can then trust the sensations and connection of spirit guides, instead of curling in repulsion away from the connection, or blocking it completely, because of the harm experienced.

There are times when there is a complete lack of sensation, but someone’s spirit team is very talkative and obviously present. This is usually when there is an energetic barrier between sensing them. These energetic barriers can be thought of as firewalls, or as protective measures that were put in place to numb from past trauma. Sometimes these barriers are even to protect from ancestral trauma for the rage and grief may be too much for you to bear at this time. This is why there is no need to dive into accessing spiritual guidance. As you heal, it will come. Guaranteed. If there are ever barriers of protective support that you are ready to work through, I am here.

Homework is to meditate on receiving from both Earth & Sun, with a choice on how much to receive with your current feminine/masculine ratio (70/30, 80/20, 60/40). Just say within your mind, or heart, this is how much I am open to receive from the masculine energy at present. If ever the resistance is too deep, go back to your emotional processing.

Observe what mind tapes are playing, slow down your response to them. Write them down instead, journal the thoughts freely, and then allow yourself to ‘debunk’ them. You may find who said them first, they may be also linked to memories, even memories that you may not know for they are in previous lives. Journal your thoughts, dreams, share what you remember and what is moving through your mind. Then breathe, observe, listen and be still. Do your emotional processing when called to for it has triggered some sensations located in your body. Gift yourself time as you face the programmed fears, violence and opinions of others within your mind. Do what you can and begin to TRUST your process. Remember, life is a series of cycles. This work will continue. Do what you can now, and then revisit later when ready.

This is your journey with your unique circumstances. Support your rhythms and rest when needed.