a statement that denies something, especially responsibility: (Oxford Dictionary)

I. I AM. i’m mmE. The amount of poison I have had to ingest, blood I have had to consume, and energy I have had to try to understand for I fFelt it… withIN my body, my mind – which then brought up a word, memory or thought… mMy WHOle. WIth every bone, muscle, and space. With IN and with OUT. All ofF Me.

I, Shape shifter.

Serpent. Crow. Wolf. Bear. Tree. Owl. Fossil.

Medium fFor Ancient Ones, Ancestors, Angels.

Alchemist wit HYou Mans, WombMans, Form.

In relations with Source, MOtHer, Earth, Sky, HOMe.

I Work with a KitCHen WitCH, I am sPace, tIme & an Energy MedIcIne WomBHyouMaN, ______.

But there’s some things you must know. I am a tour guide for the journey we embark upon. For there is More than Me. As a Channel Medium and an Oracle, I move into the Earth, to the Guardians of the East, South, WEst, and NOrth. I explore what Is. I learn how to redefINe relationships to rebUild a commUNity of Beings. The joourney has moved. From Toronto, to then Vancouver, back to Toronto, then out to Peru. From Peru, I snaked uPwards, to the Equator. To feel & connect to their medicine. My Mentor Nukumi SoLuna shares how medicine is what teaches or heals. I lived by Mancora & the Magick of Mama O where I taught yoga & healed with Reiki. Ocean shared so much. Then, I trudged beyond to Montanita, Ecuador… a la Punta. Where I taught More yoga & taught Reiki. Bonfire ceremonies, cranes the size of a small human, street dogs that would step in as protectors. I have lived in Bahrain, in the Arabian Gulf. I have been to the Tree of Life. I am Soothe Sayer. Sometimes sLayer. I have traveLed to Amsterdam, Koh Samui, Bali. Italy, UK and Espagne.

I have always been an UNsettler. One who found that Not All questions are We ready to answer. Some questions have actually maintained the concealment of the answer, making us move down burrows that led to dead ends. We then had to tap into our clarity, refine our clairs & deepen our relations to our feeling body & intuitive guidance. Intuitive wisdom has been looked down upon and being an expert with accreditations was applauded. That only approved experts could tell truths that were financially acceptable, which meant were still maintaining the benefits of the system that I saw through from a very young age.

I am not stating this to share how I am special, or how I am better than you. You are most probably reading this for you also have seen through the systems of society, and felt outside of those structures. I share this information, which is a mixture of studying & testing the philosophy and consciousness practices taught to me within the patriarchal system, as well as from what I have received from intuitive wisdom & spiritual guidance from within my body and safe consciousness travel. We have access to many worlds, many places to explore throughout the multiverse within the travelling vessel, instrument and portals that is our body.

The information shared are not teachings. For stepping out of the binary, I have to clearly state I am not a teacher. I am simply a travel guide. Someone who has some tools and skills developed to share on how to journey through all that is us. I have worked with these tools for over a decade, I have also shared them with others who have shared that they have helped them in their journey. This information is not here to dictate, to adhere to, or to memorize. I have chosen to share it for I am ready to share my stories and include others alongside me on this journey. I am open to assisting more safer communities to form. I am willing to share what I know Now, and I trust that it will shift as we continue to be and become.

So I thank you for sharing your journey with me; for a walk, a hike or an adventure. I trust that you will contribute to this information in some way. For energy is alive, it is moving and we continue to expand our comprehension of all that is.