This is how I stAnd my grOuNd. How I aNchor my SPace. How I connect my tree of Life to You. How we can reach each other, through the rub b le… the foss iLs.. all of the remains of what is I.

I have always been an uNsettler. A mOver. A sHaKer. The rAttle of a snake. The shake of water oFf fur. An alchemist. A catalyst. I work with current. A. That Is my journey. To travel through and between. B. To Jump when ready to propel a great distance, and to slowly slither the path of the worm. How to be within ground, of ground, and how to connect into. C.

I am a Shapeshifter. A metaMorphOsistre. SOmeOne who continues to create with what seeds are found withiN. Seeds from Source. I intend to grow towards the SUN, as well as the deep center of FYre that resides within Mama Mu. The churner, the chewer, the creatrixxx of B to C. Life Death Rebirth. The Option for mOre. CreatOr. Child. Si. That sPace within me… that is of innocence, that allows JOY IN.

I wish to Be Happy. I want to Laugh, Sing and Dance. I want to move with Good Ease. For One, plus another. Plus plus more… All. Por favor. I will redefine relationShiPs, my chosen family & fellow journeyers, co-creating containers to move within 2 & beyond. I will learn of bASKets, where my back can feel supported and safe. All I need to do is ask. I will learn of all the shapes and forms that are coming together for the inner alchemy. Be they the tools, skillset, knowing & known. I wish 2 gather, 2 share, & 2 harvest. To have space & time for rest, preparation & integration. Time & Space for Me.

Questions? Not all questions are ready to be answered. Or, they may be the questions that reveal the true hidden query of the soul. Questions are that first risK. On your quest within. ASK and you may receive or release. Shed or open to allow in. So we can explore further, the movement between the query and the response. What will come? Within truth?