eNergy sOuNd Word 1122 = 3

The thread of creation. The eArthwOrMm’s mMovement through timMe, sPace, and the great VOid. The PoINt PlAce that Can Be YOU. Where you can AcCess self. The sPOt that IS i. SsOurCe. MmOtHerr. AllllL.

WithIN SOurce. O. A E I U. WHOLE iN one!

WIth iN 1 there is T 2w + O Two ways and& more P+++

There is ON, there is OfF. There is.. plus+ PlUs+ PLuS+ MANY. Thank You. I see (C) You. I Hear yoU. O. Ohhh. And& there is nONE.

Connect to this ONe. The eNergy that IS… K. Gg. gGO. GOOd. Self, SPirit, One. AhllllL OfF YOU.

Do you see? Do you see? HoW then Creator BecOMes 3? CcreAtriXxx. We wWeave.. we soUnd. We coNNect to what Is and what’s tWe. We reBuild, restOre, and regenerAte. 1 UNcover the jOy of how it Is tOo creAte. C. A Creature that Moves between 222… wiggling and wandering… withINn All ofF YOU. The dance, the flight, the snaking bBetweeN 2+ eNergY x AlL… SounD.

2+ we find the InteNt. BehINd the initIeAytION* of MooveMent. Mind moving between LIfe, deAth, Creation. Mother then churning, clearing, and chewing. She creates CurrentC – the movement between, a double sSIi! Yes Yes!! We Create the 3… Word.

WOrd. The tHird. All… Fforms of eXPresSiONs trUe. AlllllWays tO coNNect, wAyS to MoVve. Ccarry and gGifFt MedIcine. OfF whAt may teAch Or HeAl. ANd ifF NO Medicine comes, oPeN the vAlve. To releAse & reCeIve. BOth. Love & Sh*t. You ChOOse the amMOuNt, the perCeNtage, or the ratIO. It’s All UP 2 YOU. ALL with ON Earth. With IN hOme.

FfINd it. Location is KnowN. AttuNe to your Center. FfInd your wAy hOme. That is your Middle. Ffrom there you CAN. ALIgN with sPirit. Sit by a tree. ALLow it to locAte yOur yoU. The Point where We Is. 1 + 2 X 3. YOU carries ALL ofF the CHances. CHoose CHange to ACcess BeyONd. BeYOUNd.

OPen to you. N – the intent to oPeN the key (d).

WithIN can steP out… exPlOre theIr surrOUNdiNgs… disCover their Mover… Move. Wove. Love. Ffeel & OWN your creatION. Your ChIld. Your U. The Contain_er, oFf Both bASKet, and sHiP. Hi. HellOo. DduAlL prOtectiOn. InN Ahll directIONs… ofF wORd, oFf WINg.

rReCiProcIty. fFlOw. FfluId. AsSsK. What Is the energY behind your INteNt? GgOOd HelPer. HoPer. HmMm. Sound. Ffor the Good ofF se1f, sP1rit, O11e & A1111L. Codes. Coded. Worded.

Contain_er. Create_er. Ffind your sHip. Hello YOU

Whoo is Me? Am I? I AM. mMedium… meNtor. Mover. Mmm I’Mm…