An excerpt on Consent

Why do we help people that don’t want to be helped? Share advice or intuition freely?

Because there was non-verbal consent. A part of their being cried out and said help. You answered. They listened… a bit. Until it shook their status quo too much. Until it helped them transcend. They then said fuck you. You are bad, wrong, you hurt me.

Why is that?

Because we have gotten comfortable with no consent. The entirety of us at some point had our access to consent taken from us. In some way, someone authorized their way to you. Could be from a parent, a friend, a lover, a teacher, a boss. And then it became a pattern. It could have also come from traumatic experiences. Which then ingrained it even deeper into your being.

Consent means the permission for something to happen, or the agreement to do something. It comes from the Latin ‘consentire’, which comes from con-together and sentire-to feel. It’s a collective feeling.

There is a time in these patterns that they infiltrate into our relations. With family and our closest friends. Then they ask for help. You give it freely. They then freak out of why they got that help, for they actually didn’t want it. That help made them see a perspective that was not in agreement to their ‘together feeling’. It made their current life perspective and how they sensed all of it unravel. So they look at you as the aggressor. The one who pierced a whole in their bubble. Who fucked with their equilibrium.

And you, then go shit, I was trying to be the saviour, the helper, the giver. Stupid, stupid, stupid! I became the oppressor and it came from me being oppressed. You will then move through exploring how terrible you are for a while. But guess what? We are both simultaneously the oppressor and the oppressed. There is not one or another. If the other person shared you are clearly more of one, it is because they have consented to play the other role. Who wants to play the martyr? Auditions have begun.

In vulnerability we heal, as well as in vulnerability we were harmed. So we consent to advice, or help, for we feel uncertain in how to proceed within our bubble. But what then is shared may be too sharp for that bubble to survive. Our knowing of what’s best for us is shaken to the core, our knowing of who we are – for some of the things you just say to all, “This is me. This is how I AM, this is what I do and I like…”, but some of those things must die. And we are taught to be afraid of death. It also may make us then look at why did we choose the role of the authority figure when we can’t stand them and what they did to us?

What we realize when someone’s feeling is disharmonious to ours, someone we love, it can be so debilitating to your sense of self – the ego. You found that person that is like you, that gets you, that celebrates you. Then they see you, even with love, and share something you do not wish to see.

Relationships aren’t the devil. Other people don’t set up to disappoint you. It is because we all are healing from the same divide. The authority code. The one that said because someone was smarter, faster, stronger, more capable to survive in their surroundings and access more power in some way, that they could tell you what you needed to do. Not always for them, but that they knew better.

But the paradox with that, is that no one can know you fully. Unless you let them in, yes, that’s true. That’s consent. But here’s the thing – they can only know as much of you as you share with them of the You that you know. Read that again. We are constantly shifting – our ‘identity’ is continually evolving. For as we spiritually awaken, we go deeper into the I AM, but also expand further into the WE ARE. You see further into your multiplicity.

So there are parts of yourself that consent and other parts that may not consent. Simultaneously. So the work is to initiate as many boundaries as possible until you can get all parts of self to consent in unison. And how does that “together feeling” occur? Well this is it, right here. By allowing your perspective to shift multiple times. To move through multiple transitions and transcend the internal polarity. To forgive yourself for fucking up, and honouring that self that you are even forgiving, will shift and change yet again.

So in the journey we embark upon together, check the ego at the door. We will sit together in vulnerability, in our complexities. In the understanding that sacred union must begin from within. In the agreement that this work is not ‘equal’. It will not move through everyone in the same speed. Depending on the resistance to the piercing of the bubble. As well as to the amount of bubbles that need bursting.

To transcend means to go beyond the range or limits of a sphere. So there’s the visual. How many spheres will you move beyond within this journey? That’s entirely up to you and your consent.

Sacred Union mentorship group begins October 22. We will meet biweekly for 6 months. To move beyond the binary, while we heal our sacred sex from a long time with the authority code. As we work together, we will then move into accessing energetically what is beyond those spheres, the infinite possibility of form – our creation code.

All who have interest must connect with me personally to arrange a time to chat. Here I can answer any questions and concerns about this work. Connect with me at hello[at]themovementkey[dot]com if you wish to venture with me.