Love is an action

Love is an action, a practice. It’s when the ease acclimated within your body from healing past traumas is more than the pain. It’s when the joy experienced in freeing your mind from the toxic programs embedded there from supremacist capitalist patriarchal systems. It’s when the ease and the joy, the clarity and expansion within your being can dance and unite together in the heart. Finally!

To get there is not a destination. 
It is not a point A to B linear experience. It is moving through cycles of release, rest, growth and celebration. It is learning how to shift perspective. Let me ask you this, would you have been able to predict who you are and where you are even 3 years ago? Probably not. Some of the experiences of present you could not have even imagined. Hence why healing and growth come in cycles. In moving through perspectives of what is your current reality, what you are healing from the past and what is your potential possibility. 

I now am seeing a future that as a seer I only thought decades ago was a figment of my imagination! That could never be possible. The healing journey is to shift your perspective on what you feel can be an actuality. It guides you gently, one step at a time, through the road blocks of mind tapes stuck on loop. Or softly whispers comforting tones as you encounter the landmines held within your body once you allow it to feel again. Oh, the traumas experienced, and the pain to be processed. But our humxn body is an incredible being, filled with energy that shares a capacity on how to heal and move through all. We simply weren’t taught to, for the old kaka systems enjoyed using our energy for their own.

I have been healing for the past 22 years. I have accepted that this is not a feat to overcome, but a series of cycles to move through, witness, experience and shift from. This pandemic brought up all the really old, buried traumas experienced (even from childhood) to fully face and process. The supremacist capitalist patriarchal system never did support me. I tried fighting with it, it always won. I had to step out of it completely, and stop playing the game. It was wild to start to see during a global crisis how so many were being coaxed to feel. To process their emotions. And then to witness what came, of many sharing their rage and grief at all the injustices and oppressions that are the ‘norm’.

Being you is a radical act. Love is radical, it is an action. It is the work of union, which does not coming from spiritually bypassing our reality, but of processing and moving through what we experience. It is learning how to work with our being, a microcosm of the external macrocosm of our world. Practicing on dismantling the internal police in our mind and forgiving the inner critic in our body. It is learning to trust our self and to surrender to our divinity.

A lot of my healing practice was with mentors, guides and healers. But a lot of my path was also alone. Sometimes by choice, so I could do things at my own pace without additional pressure. Sometimes by necessity, for I truly didn’t have the funds or wasn’t in a location to access help. The majority of my work is with individuals, assisting them in releasing big traumas and finding their truth amongst strong mind programs. I knew that I had to share something accessible to all. I am grateful for certain mentors, specifically Inelia Benz, Nukumi Selina Mu and Judy Satori for doing this, making healing more accessible when needed. 

So, I have worked and moved through the cycles I teach and share of for the past 5 months during this self-isolation time. I recorded meditations that activate and heal when practiced consistently. I wrote and wrote some more. I traveled with words to all the deep spaces within and without. I shared of my tools and processes that have worked in healing traumas and clearing mind kaka. I worked through the shadows to get to the love. To remember and dream more.

I now feel ready to share this with y’all. A course of action and a creative process. A way to explore your healing cycles with more capacity. I name this course what I see and witness always, Eye See You Divine. What I hope you see more and more of within your self.

I have never been great with pricing things, it takes time for I have to sit with the energy of something, especially after completion and allow the magnitude of it to settle. I also have been working with reciprocity, and intending for my work to be outside of the capitalist system. I am not promising in you buying this course that you will be guaranteed certain results, I will not be an infomercial for self help. All I can share is that this work has helped me heal, and I have seen it shift others. How it affects you is truly up to you. 

Please know if you ever do not have the funds and wish to access this course, just message me directly. If you are able to give some for receiving this labor of love, I have priced it as $88 Cad ($66 usd). For the summer I am gifting a $44 discount with the code, “youaredivine” put in at purchase. 

I aim to create more relationships with my work. Know that at any time after purchase of this course, you can connect with me for a complimentary consultation. This is when we can check in and chat about what’s come up, get to know each other. I also will share 5 weekly emails of additional reflections to go with the 5 parts of the course. I am here.

If you have read this far, I thank you for listening. I am grateful for our connection, and honour however long or short it may be for. May we continue to heal so we can support each other. May we dream big and speak more. 

Big Love, Josie