The Practice of Reading

My work tends to be a lot with sound. Through speaking, sharing stories and guidance, while I do my best to share voice energy that is less harmful. My intention in living a sacred life is to allow my truth to be here now. I trust that sharing truth will allow more truths. So if at any time as you read, if anything brings up something to dismantle, remember my words of me being an unsettler. I have found and have made peace with part of my role as energy guide & medium is to act as a catalyst. So as you read, know that this is written to be received by all aspects of You – emotions, thoughts, physical and spiritual. Allow yourself to take as much spacetime you require to absorb things, sit with things that may begin to move as you journey through this. Gift yourself rest and spacetime away from it when required. Allow yourself to sit in your truth. “I, [say your full name you honour], ask my heart, my flame and my bodies to be here now. I ask for my skills of witnessing and listening to be enhanced. To receive what I am ready to receive, to clear what I am ready to clear. I honour what does not resonate, and overall, I will trust my experience in reading these materials is true. My experience is true.”

Language & Definitions

I write this in English for it is the first language I was taught to communicate with. Even though, of course, my first language was light energy, I have not learned yet to write it and know that though part of your spirit/ancestors within You will understand it, that it is not recommended for the level of comprehension at this time. It is also a deeply cathartic act to write in English for me. You see, speaking and writing in a language that carries the energy, words and definitions of the patriarchy, of white supremacy, of colonization… and contributed to the mass genocides of people for not adhering to the said rules, beliefs, and authoritative figures of their time. Sharing this in English allows me to start to transmute and alchemize some of that terrorizing history that resides within each and everyone of us. We can release some words to the Earth, those that ask for us to adhere to those old ways that did not serve All. We can receive the healing from aligning with what we sound, share, and allow out or in.

My work behind the energy of language began about 13 years ago, when I began teaching yoga practices to others. I was brought up in a household where my mother taught me meditation at a very young age, and included a simple daily physical practice. Yoga and it’s philosophy, specifically that of tantra, is a large part of my path. I do not teach yoga within the ‘industry’ of it, for it seemed to adhere to a specific authority code that I was not ready to dedicate to. I also had experienced numerous microagressions within the studios, plus have a lot of strong views on cultural appropriation. But, I digress. Ok, so back to when I discovered the true energy of language.

I was working with a mantra at the time, and a specific word jumped out at me – the Sanskrit word satcitananda, which has been translated as “being, consciousness and bliss”. Sat is also the root of satya, which means truth. So, Sat, which is our being, is also know as our ‘absolute-non-changing truth’. Cit, that has been defined as consciousness, translates as “is”, so our consciousness is our “is-ness” so to speak. By me stepping deep into working with the root energy shared within Sanskrit, a language that was made from sound, and carries energy in it’s repeating out loud, my journey then expanded into looking into the words that I was taught to use within English. My healing work with language is ongoing, and please, if any words share harmful energy with you, please let me know so that I can further  learn and see if I can alter the word used in that instance. At times, within some of my stories, if I am guided to share a triggering word, I will try to share that it may trigger, and include quotes around it. But I must honour that this work and sharing information will always bring certain things to the surface, and in order for me to share my being – my absolute truth, that truth may transmute and bring movement within you. Observe these movements, please. It is part of the inner work to witness, and to listen to your being, your True You, to see if you are ready to clear what has moved and became known.

A lot of how I write is in sharing the energy journey of a word, a definition. When you see my writing in a question/answer way, know it is a channeled portion that flowed directly from connection in meditation. I was told that it is known as a catechism by one of my guides. I got a hoot out of this word, for I am not religious, and the definition shared it’s “a summary of religious doctrine often in the form of questions and answers.” (Oxford Dictionary). Basically, what I take from it, is that I will either meditate on a word received intuitively, and then gather answers of questions that arise around the word. Almost as if this is sharing energetic definitions. We are in the process of redefining everything, aren’t we? So now, you may better comprehend why I share these words are from what I know Now (which can be a mixture of all received from past, present and future experiences, study and guidance), but of how it may change as we continue to sit more comfortably in our total presence and absolute truth. One of my greatest intentions is to Be flowing within this energy signature once again, while knowing how to maintain sovereignty of Self in thought & feeling.