Gender & SPirit

This comes from a prompt by my mentor, Earthkeeper Nukumi SoLuna Mu, who after articulating of my experience within a full moon ceremony at the beginning of December, asked me to share some wisdom on gender and spirit. Since this is such an expansive subject, I required some time, space and personal reflection prior to feeling the readiness to write about it. I first wish to highlight that what is expanded upon here is purely from my experience, and you may take what you wish from it and leave the rest. I also look forward to potential further conversations with you, where we can explore together all that may surface from this post.

I have spoken a lot of feminine and masculine energies, as well as share within my Sacred 5 meditations how of course there is more than 2. But as I moved through healing my own personal traumas around gender identity, I did find a salve in the teachings found within tantra philosophy (and I am sure numerous other energy philosophies) of denoting that the Allness that is energy can first be split into two – masculine and feminine – to understand the seeming different energy qualities experienced within. Allness/oneness can be a confusing concept to start from, as well I have found it to sometimes gloss over the intersectionalities of the human experience. Allness I have most definitely felt and connected to, but it has come from me exploring the multiple aspects of self and spirit, and then gently working on weaving them together as I healed the divides.

I was identified as a female from birth, yet was then shared of the historical discord and challenges between male and female, and how my male traits were then either denoting a sexual preference, or labeling me as ‘other’. I worked for many years within my healing journey in trying to either amplify more of my feminine, or, my masculine would pierce through in ways that I was attempting to unlearn – those shared within religious and patriarchal societal norms, those that have been labeled as ‘toxic’. I guess truly I am prompted at this present time, for I am seeing how it is currently shared that the fall of the patriarchy is upon us, and the divine feminine has risen. I feel this to still be a compare/contrast explanation of what is dismantling and assimilating at present, and wish for this to be a simple ask of looking beyond a one/another concept.

What I have gathered from my exploration of energetic signatures, which, may I add has been quantified within quantum physics for the scientific minds that require satiation, is that what has been denoted as feminine energy is an energy that feels vibratory, magnetic, viscous and more sustainable (moving in a torus shape). Masculine energy can be found in an electrical current, lightbulb, and is more combustive in nature, a spark. These two energies most definitely are carried within all humans, as well as have been created in devices that share ‘charge’. I have found as I have connected to both Earth & Sun energies, that what has been defined as feminine can most definitely be accessed within the Earth (and Moon, might I add), and what has been defined as masculine can be accessed via the Sun. But we carry both, and the wonder that has been experienced within human consciousness and capacity of self & spirit, is that once these seeming opposite energy signatures are balanced (this balance is subjective and dependent on individual makeup – it is not 50/50), there is a 3rd energy that is co-created – one that allows great healing, expansion and creation.

So, how great for me to feel more accepted in these past years, as gender binaries and systems that typified that one construct is ‘better than’ another have more general acceptance than over times passed. I can now share more freely of how I have embraced and connected to my feminine and masculine, as well as have experienced accessing the 3rd creation energy of infinite form. My pronouns are she/they, which means I honour my femme, for it has taken me much time, healing, and surrender to connect to this energy. It has taken me 22 years of healing to open further to it actually, for so much of my natural reflex within my healing of past lives and my mixed heritage of oppresses & oppressor, was to suppress it. I also of course honour my masculine, which I carry in the ‘they’ – for with my practice of finding my unique balance of both (that is ever evolving, might I add – it is not a static harmony point to achieve), I also have now access to my energy being that is of the 3rd and beyond.

My work with spirit has most definitely expanded as I traveled through my personal healing of my identity. Working with the energy beings of Source, Mother, Sun, Moon, the elements, ancient ones, ancestors, past/future aspects of self, inner child, angels, ascended teachers and star peoples (whew! yes it’s a party!), I have connected to many within the ethers that share of identity to masc, femme, or more. So pronouns have assisted me in describing of my cosmic travels, for some ancestors and ancients, ascended teachers, or vast beings as Mother Earth, most definitely identify to me as a she/her, and others as him/he. This does not mean they have not accessed Allness, there is no hierarchical structure of gender with Spirit.

There are also the angelic beings, some animal spirits, ancients, and star peoples that share of a non-gendered existence, so I tend to speak of them as they/them. This may mean that they are in a constant flowing state of the unified 3rd energy signature, or simply have had no need for typifying difference. They carry an all-encompassing capacity that never experienced human form and the needs for gender identity that we have been taught in this realm. I only share pronouns of spirit if they are shared with me, and if not, I will relate to the spirit as they/them.

When I now hear of toxic/divine masculine and feminine energies, as my connection to spirit and self has expanded, I felt a conundrum of how to proceed. For these toxicities that were defined have been found in healing work within all human bodies, not necessarily needing to be exactly related to how they identify in gender. So, I have chosen to expand my language to share of these as imbalances, or the inner healing work, but not label as toxic/divine anymore. Divinity is a given – for all beings are divine. The labelling of toxicity/divine as one/another simply continues the comparison of supremacist systems and has required me further unlearning within.

So yes, the feminine energies have surfaced more within the Earth, in ancient ceremonies and in more of us allowing feeling, vibration, sound and movement through and between. And yes, the patriarchy, as was shared in a channeled message a couple years ago, is absconding. The patriarchy is most definitely a system, and when something has been fed for thousands of years, be it with belief, intention or power, it can become a sentient being in itself. A being is sustainable, so carries that that has been typified as ‘feminine’, and of course, most definitely shares of ‘masculine’ – combustive energy that in imbalance can cause destruction, discord and further disconnect. The combative energy of the patriarchy has been battling within itself, hence the toroidal energy within it may have been described as chaotic, harmful, and erratic.

I truly believe as we make peace with the binary and allow our mind to move beyond it, how we can then feed new agreements within that then can reverberate in all directions – outside of us, in our structures, systems and beings. We then can further access All that IS – harmonizing the concepts of all that is self and spirit, seen or unseen, into what I feel is our true capacity. Co-creators of worlds. Abundant expansive flow into all that is found BEYOND. I am ready and willing to explore, and I thank you for honouring me moving away from sharing of energies as masculine and feminine, while also respecting the multitude of personal choices and aspects of identity, be it in those living, dead, and more. I look forward to discovering new ways within language for the 3rd and more. For less need to typify and compare.

I give gratitude to all beings that have shared connection with me and have assisted through energy travel and exploration to share of this today. Sincere acknowledgement to All.