Eye See You Divine

My intention for this course is that it acts as a catalyst, the words-sound-energy shared to allow a shift of perspective. For you to choose acceptance of You – your power, your sacred, your divine, your whole being! I knew when revising this, I would have to include parts of my story. Not for pity or sensationalism, nor comparison, but for you to practice listening and observing. Allow yourself to listen to the energy sounds within these stories. Accept what you observe within your bodies, become comfortable with the discomfort. For in growth comes discomfort before release.

I remember the story my Ojibwe friend shared with me, the teachings of the lobster. A lobster waits and waits to let go of their shell. Their shell is what protects them, what allows them to move through their surroundings without fear or harm. But as they grow, their shell doesn’t grow with them. They must release their shell, which then leaves them unprotected and vulnerable to attack as they then wait to grow a new one. So, they wait until their shell becomes so uncomfortable, that it feels like they are bursting out of it! They then finally break free of their discomfort and let go of it, but then are vulnerable and face a time of openness and risk.

That’s how this cycle may be. One of growth, some discomfort, release and then exposure of vulnerability. But it’s a cycle that has shown immense possibility to heal, to move forward in life with actually more ease and joy. Self first. Spirit first. Then Love. That’s how I share these tools. Let’s get to know ourselves first, align with spirit, and then understand what balance can be. You are sacred. You never weren’t sacred. We just were taught that we were not. We were even given a new word – worth. So instead of all being sacred, you were worthy. We were given a value. It is time to realize the worthy wound is one of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy itself. We are not to be sold. We do not have worth. We are all sacred. All living beings are sacred.

I also wish to gently share that these tools and teachings I write of have been given to many different peoples of varying genders, race and cultures. I have had the immense gift to have the first ones that received these tools to be in different areas of the world, with different religious backgrounds and each their own unique circumstances. I share of the microcosm of Self in a universal way, through energy. Energy is everything. Energy is All. The word energy comes from the Greek energeia (Oxford dictionary, Google), from en- ‘in, within’ + ergon ‘work’. We all are energetic beings. Our bodies and spirits are unique though and come with a multitude of differences. That is why this healing work is deeply personal. This course is meant to be reflective and practical. It requires you to do the inner work.   

As we step back into our sacred, a reflective tool is to see that our microcosm of Self is shown within the macrocosm of the elements. Air, Water, Fire, Space and Earth. That is how I will share these tools of remembering, amplifying and clarifying who You are. I remember when I first connected to the energy of the Earth and felt it’s liveliness. Or listened to the whispers of the air. Elemental energy shares many teachings with us. Nature is our greatest teacher.