Earth & Air

So, where does your central line of energy lead to? What does that susumna have to do with all that is? How are you connecting to Source energy? How is your energy part of Source? All these questions and more come and are answered by seeing that a “line” of energy is never necessarily “straight”, or even a line. What does this mean? Well, think of it as more of a double-sided funnel, or a channel that has 2 openings, one on either end. One that opens to what is above and one that opens to what is below.  And what is your energy opening to? Well the Earth’s energy, and the Sky’s energy (universe). This, we will discuss via the 2 elemental energies of Earth & Air, and how Grounding and Breathing practices are paramount in sensing these 2 potent energy sources that are bringing you into the same – Source – energy, just by 2 different ways.

The Elements are our teachers (Earth-Air-Water-Fire-Space). Nature is our greatest teacher. The elements are the most understood symbols in nature that can be representative of us. As we dive into self-reflection, we must dig into our connection to different elements of the human experience. And learn how to balance them. For both are same, as well as both, lead to something else. This is the concept of going beyond duality, binaries or opposites.

Duality is spoken about all the time. Good/bad, victim/oppressor, male/female, hot/cold, the list goes on. What I wish to share with you, is that energy work is to build the ability to look what is beyond that duality and then to realize that there is space between both. So, there is always more than 2, there must at least be 3! The process of movement holds the key. Movement, that divine action, is where we will work and play. Where we will shift, grow and release. Once we start to see that both concepts (the opposites) are simply a reflection of one another, with just a different energetic charge, we can comprehend that it is simply our choice to move between and through these old understandings.

In that space between – breaths, elements, opposites, binaries, is where creation occurs! It is the energy of nothing/empty, as well as everything/abundance/fullness. These spaces between are found both in Breath (our connection to air), as well as in Body (our connection to earth). And of course, most definitely, both are found in our center – the heart, the earth’s center – the core, and the universe’s center.

The Earth is a macrocosm of us, we are a microcosm of Earth.

The energies of the Earth can be connected to as feminine, or the Great Mother. The energies of the Air can be connected to as masculine, or the Great Father. Between these two, and of these two, we reside between. We are both, the third concept within. There is a lot to unpack with these foundational elements. There is a lot to heal and clarify. Healing the feminine and clarifying the masculine, reestablishing our connection and access to both of these elemental energies is paramount. Think of all that may already come up when hearing this. What thoughts, memories or emotions have surfaced? There is the work.