Grounding Meditation

Sit cross-legged, or on a chair. Wiggle your toes, move your ankles, connect to your feet. After thanking them for all they have done for you today, let them settle. Bring some gentle movement to your pelvis. Tilt it forward, tilt it back. Tilt it to the right, then the left. Start to connect these movements in slow and subtle circles. Change the direction. Allow your pelvis to settle in a place between.

Take some deep breaths into the belly. Inhale as you count to 4, hold, then release for 4, hold. This will help you focus. Become aware of the ground beneath your feet. Acknowledge you are hOMe. Think this word in your mind. Feel the safety and connection you have to this space. HOME. Feel that in your body. Allow that to travel up and down your spine as you expand your breath. Soften your shoulders, soften your jaw. HOME. Acknowledge what is below the floor of your home. Your city. How do you connect to this space? How long have you been here? Your country? Allow yourself to feel that energy below. 

Then connect to what is below your city, allow your mind to travel down, down, into the earth, feeling your energy move like golden lit snake-like waves down through your floor, through the city, the country, all the way into the core of the earth itself. Connect to that center. Feel you are exhaling towards that and inhaling heat and energy from there. This is your roots. This is your earth. This is your wisdom to draw from. Feel it in your body, your skin becoming full of this truth.

Then allow that skin to soften, feel the air around you as you continue to breathe within. Feel your upward breath move up your spine and push energy towards the back of your skull, then all the way up to your crown. That thousand-petaled lotus above, beginning to reveal it’s petals, one by one. Visualize your energy moving upwards to the sky above. To the experiences of all around us. Play with your breath. Dance it upwards expanding above, dance it downwards expanding below. Begin to draw inwards from both directions into your HEART. Allow the exhale to expand your heart. Sit and breathe, connecting to these two energies above and below, as you centre into your heart. Feel all the wisdom, knowing, stability and comfort that comes.

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