Energy Work – Code of Conduct

Energy work is work and not play. Meaning, when you start to play with power, when you treat someone’s life-force lightly, challenges may occur. It is important to know that with working with energy, comes certain understandings in order to not allow you to misuse your connection to power. This code of conduct helps you not go into the misuse and abuse of power, or head into power-over-others territory.

  1. Energy work requires consent. You do not just go around trying to access people’s energy. You do not just step into people’s energy fields out of curiosity. Some people do not know yet their energetic boundaries, and just allow their energy fields to be open. Because they do not know better, does NOT allow you to just step in and roam. By working with your own energy, it is your responsibility to always ask for consent. Just think, if you get a strong NO, and then still try to access their energy field, what that is! If you do not get a response, that is because they may not know they had the right to say YES/NO. You can share how their energy is their OWN, and they have the right to say NO.
  2. You are sovereign. This means that you have supreme authority over your energy. So, you feeling drained by someone? You feeling like someone is trying to attack you energetically? Realize now that you understand energy, begin to initiate clear boundaries. Who have you allowed to access your energy? Take it back if you desire. You can RESCIND any old agreements or energetic contracts. I recommend to do so to reestablish your true power. This is done verbally. In big groups, or you work with a lot of people, etc. and you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or uneasy? Take back your energy. No one has the right to your energy except you, your children and animals. Your choice is your power, so take it back!
  3. After clearing space, it is important to fill it with intention/prayer. Open and clear space is magnetic. It can attract quickly whatever is placed there. If no clear intention/prayer is placed in space, then anything can come. Think now of the space you will clear in your body. Hence why, intention and prayer is protective in nature. That mixed with your clear boundary work will allow a natural protection to occur.
  4. We are all healing. Healing isn’t a dirty word! There are layers and layers of release. Layers and layers of remembrance. The pathway to mastering your own energy is a powerful one with a lot of stumbling blocks. Some of the biggest blocks that are faced can be what tells you that you are ‘not’ healing – like ego, competition, capitalism, colonialism, racism and white privilege. Your relationship to all of these will be addressed as you heal. The work must be faced, for part of our healing is to face our societal and cultural wounds. Healing IS Clarifying. With a clear energetic body, this gives you the possibility to create.

This is truly a new beginning. Enjoy the process. Trust the process. If anything ever rises, just connect with me at And if ever you choose to continue your energy journey with me, I am here. I teach of how to master one’s own energy, so you can create all that is possible for you. This is my mentorship work, for it is truly individual and dependent on one’s own story.