Honouring your Teachers

How do you honour the teachings? How do you honour the roots of your work? By acknowledging and giving thanks to those who came before you, those who have shared their energy with you, those who have taught you their ways. We are all wayshowers, and I wish to give thanks to my teachers and paths that have led me to now being able to show you a way.

I share these energy teachings with gratitude. I give this as an offering to Great Mother Earth and her children. I thank Source Creator Energy for always being with me, and allowing me to speak my truth. I wish to acknowledge my spiritual mentors along this pathway; dear Nukumi EarthKeeper White Buffalo Woman Selina Mu, I offer you sweetgrass. I thank you for showing me the slow and gentle path of our ancestors and the ancient ones, thank you for bringing me into my medicine. To Kathy Roseborough, I offer you roses. I thank you for healing my access to my divine feminine, for sharing with me the guidance of ascended masters and angels. In deep gratitude for Inelia Benz, who continues to share her light and superpowers with such childlike wonder, simplicity and delight. I offer you playtoys of joy light love. To my ReiKi Master Teachers, Darlene Hobson, Jane Davis and Kelley Rasch, I offer you Amoni, my Ki symbol received from our collective pathway to mastery. I thank you for igniting, awakening and reminding me of my true capacity, my power and love. I wish to thank my yoga teachers who shared their wisdom of unlocking our bodies to the innate energy flow, especially Michael Siddall, Christina Sell and my mother, Janet Caterina. My mother was my first teacher. I thank you mom for teaching me meditation at such a young age. My exploration of the cosmos, spirit and the space between is from your first teachings. I acknowledge my ancestors from my mixed heritage, my grandmothers, medicine women, grandfathers and earthkeepers. I am in deep loving gratitude for my spirit guides and team.

I thank each and every person that gave me consent to invite me into their energy field and trigger their healing capacity. I have learned so much about energy from each healing I am asked to do. I am grateful for my kin on this path, my fellow teachers and healers of energy & earth medicine for their support, inspiration and love. I give gratitude to Source Energy for gifting us this birthright of having the capability to heal ourselves.

Energy work is first and foremost an indigenous practice, and I intend in sharing the teachings of it in a way that will allow you to honour its beginnings and roots, as well as to always acknowledge your teachers and guides.