Your Energy Body

Your physical body is the obvious part of your being, one that you move, rest, nourish and celebrate. But did you know that within that physicality of bones, muscles, skin, etc. that they all flow together, that they are all part of a larger whole? This can be known as your energetic body. The energy, that spark, that life-force energy that is within every part of you! And if it’s within every part of YOU, then it must be within every part of every other living thing!

Just think of that. Every living being. All are energy at a finite level. Our energy is within our body, as well as outside of our body. This can be thought of as our auric field. Think of a bubble of energy encapsulating you. Have you ever felt “drained” by spending time with someone, even if for a short period? It could be truly that they were draining your energy. Our energy is Source energy, Creator energy, however you may describe it. Our energy is power. So, of course, for hundreds of years, people who knew this but may have had malcontent towards others, not working with Creator Source, other entities, have worked in keeping us drained, keeping us from our power, our sovereignty.

Inelia Benz states it well, that through the desire to take other’s power source, to drain your energy, they can then have power over another. “Power over others” (POO) is deconstructing as more of us become aware of how others may have taken or persuaded us in giving them their power for a long, long time. Think of guilt, worry, fears, shame. Ways to manipulate you in giving up or disconnecting from your Life-force energy. So think of reconnecting to your energetic body as a reclamation of your Source-gifted, Creator-gifted, Healing Loving energy. This is your freaking birthright! A remembrance of your power! To be a sovereign being. One that has the ability to take back all the power that has been dispersed to others, some in agreement, and some maybe not. Power, as like energy, is not bad. By reconnecting yourself to your inner power, you are discovering the life-force that you can now utilize for good. For your healing, for your purpose, for your joy and for your life.

All of it is you. You can start to see, hear, and most certainly FEEL the connection. Being sovereign over You once again. But what we give importance to can also hold ‘fear energy’ of then losing it! The fear of loss, or that it will be taken away from you is triggered from previous experiences of that occurrence. That something precious was then taken from you. YOU WILL NEVER LOSE YOUR CONNECTION TO YOUR LIFE-FORCE ENERGY. You have never been alone, you have always had this capacity, that memory of connection, the truest form of connection – to a Source was taken from you. This is your first step in reclaiming that connection.

Allow this remembrance, all of us are immense sources of power. Not for POO, but for power over self – to live with highest self (that which has your greatest good at heart, your holy spirit/heart song), to live from a place of ease and joy. Truly!  But in taking back your power, you do need to look at how you connect to power – to look at systems of oppression and marginalization, like colonialism, capitalism, classism, patriarchy and white supremacy. We all have our stories and discomforts around these old systems. Hence why all my energy work addresses the need to face those discomforts so that your own power does not feel uncomfortable.

There is much literature, references and practices with the energetic body, which can also be termed the “subtle body”. In Traditional Chinese Medicine they have studied and mapped many meridians, lines of Chi that run through the body. In Traditional Yoga, they have located certain moving wheels of energy, Chakras, that run along lines of energy throughout the entire body, which are known as ‘nadis’. What you may google in the West about the chakras has changed over time, the world of the energetic body is vast and I do not want to limit you in your exploration of your understanding of it. I leave a lot open for you to discover and interpret as you reveal your way of describing all that is your energy.

Are you ready to reclaim your power of self? The 2nd pillar of The Movement Key is all about connecting to your energy body, and what arises as you become aware of your power. It also shares how to sense what is not your energy signature, so you can clear up old ways that others may have been siphoning off energy from you prior. Our energy body is vast, you may connect to your inner guidance, your ancestors and other divine beings. It is not to be navigated alone, especially if you are new to it! You are not alone, I am here when you are ready. Try out these first support options to connect to your energy body and build your self practices.