Energy is Everything!

This is one of the greatest laws of creation. One of the first concepts to comprehend. The word originates from a meaning of force or vitality, and is from the late Latin which rooted from the Greek energeia, from en- ‘in, within’ and ergon- ‘work’ (Oxford dictionary). It is vital life-force, it is found within everything – humans, animals, plants, rocks, trees, earth, stars, the whole universe! This has been shown scientifically as well. This is truth.

How do you sense energy? You may perceive it through the movements of thoughts and the mental power of the brain, the pulse and rhythm of the heart, the flow of feelings within the physical body. Emotion is literally energy-in-motion. With movement comes life, so these are some of the first ways you can comprehend yourself as an energetic being. There are certain practices that cultivate and maintain your energy. You may have found these in the hatha yoga practices of South Asia, which include asana, meditation, pranayama and more, the chi practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the studies in kabbalah and the Tree of Life, the many modalities within the Martial Arts, Qi Gong, Reiki and more. Energy has been known by many other names in many languages: prana, chi, ki, qi. It has been known by all indigenous cultures, with revered peoples in their community healing ailments of body, mind and heart using energy as the tool to assist all. These were the shamans, or the paqos.

Energy work is indigenous, it has been here way before the colonial and capitalist structures of now. It is a way to tap into all that is you, your ancestors, your guidance, a wisdom that is within your very being. The first pillar of The Movement Key is for you to work on your self practices. The practices that will assist you in gaining a deeper connection to your story, your roots and your presence. Self practices for the energy body could be grounding practices in nature, following the cycles and rituals of the moon. It could be movement practices for the physical body, it is meditation. What are your self practices? What are you called to do to connect? Where you can begin to sense the immensely magnificent power that is within you and all around you?