A Sovereign Being

Sometimes we hide behind words. Take sovereign for example – if you are a sovereign being, that means you are possessing supreme or ultimate power. Boom. What comes up with that? What changes if you say “I am a supremely powerful being”?

Power can be a scary word. For years I hid behind other words in self definition. For actually accepting the power I have accessed with all the continuous self work, the cycles of healing and growth, still left a metallic taste in my mouth from memories of destruction, battles and competition from histories of misuse of power.

I got really good in being clear when I did refer to power that it did not denote power over others, which is the root of supremacism, but power of self. This felt more palatable, and did open up pathways to clear and heal ancestral patterns stemming from being on the winning or the losing side of power battles. It opened up how these battles were between countries and groups to individuals, and helped mirror to me how I still fed into our struggles with power in conversations and relations.

For a time I locked my power accessed in a strong holding cell within, not wanting to unleash it, whilst steadfastly protecting it and ensuring I no longer gave it away. But then came the time when I built the solid foundation of protection, trust and greater capacity within me and around me. The next step that I knew was now, but it came with the greatest procrastination I have experienced. For all this work was to trust in my power, learn better ways of sharing my current perspectives, whilst honouring they will change. And then… I had to open the box where I kept my power safe. To expand it throughout my body and home.

So I dove into learning from the most powerful creators I know – the elements. Air, water, fire and earth. They have worked with power since the beginning of time, yet taught of harmony, of collaboration, expansion and focus. They shared of new ways to acclimate to true power and collaborate to cocreate. I had to face my fears of misusing or abusing power. I had to allow the travels through space, time, and consciousness to tentatively bring it further into play, to act and choose and move from what I was fostering within.

How have you connected to your power? Has it given greater focus to what limits or liberates? How do you choose to work with it? You are welcome to share your musings below.

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