FIRE – balance

The masculine & feminine energies dance together, finding a balance that works for your bodies right Now. That doesn’t always mean 50/50, it is not an equal split for many. We get taught this in the earth’s atmosphere. The earth only allows in a certain percentage of sun energy into it. More than that allowance and the earth would combust! Your percentage will vary, depending on the mind tapes still playing, as well as the toxic masculine that was reflected to you in patriarchal systems, people that played small or large, and either/or mentality. Connect to your masculine energy slowly. It’s an agreement between Spirit and Body. You must give time for your body to adjust and heal to allow more Spirit through. Your body will always share with you if it’s too much. These have been known as ‘ascension symptoms’. You are not ascending out of your body. Your body is adjusting to your new frequency as you clear the kaka. Take the time and the rest you need. Your body and spirit will communicate easily and lovingly in the greatest relationship of all time. Your divine Self.

Balance between the feminine and masculine is also when you will start to sense an internal harmony. How the feminine energy can move freely and uninhibited, while the masculine energy supports her movement. Divine masculine are those supportive pillars that you then can build a home with. He is the structure that supports and protects the inner movement. They together, become a potent harmonious energy, where you then can support and protect yourself, while still moving with your intuition and creating magick.

As a medium, channel and transponder (how Spirit described what I do – I transmit and respond), I share these tools after years of stumbling. Years of listening to others instead of my body and my spirit. We are taught from an early age to look for guidance outside of ourselves, and for me it was the pressure of religion, for my stepfather is Jewish. Having a deep level of discernment in my blood and body from my ancestors that were shamans and medicine women from my paternal side, it was challenging to say the least to listen to a religion share with me rules I had to follow and men I had to listen to. I was taught that my place was to be silent, to connect to a wrathful God and to multiply the chosen people on earth (this is a very contrite and triggering summary of the Jewish religion, I am aware and it’s on purpose). I was taught there were Rabbis, learned men, and that the esoteric teachings and mystical ways were of the greatest secrecy and could only be learned by them. We were taught that Spirit was better than Body. That spiritual guidance was better than intuitive guidance. Are you seeing a pattern here?

This then leads us to distrust the most important voice within us – our Self. YOU! Think of all the times you have had to prove your worth (such a colonist statement it makes me need to spit even after writing it), which has led you in this constant chase of schooling, accreditations, certifications, acquiring of Knowledge. As if you ate all the books in the world and had the highest intelligence quotient, that you would finally prove that you are an expert in what you share with others. You would become an authority. You would then have the power to SPEAK.

Look at all the ways wisdom & knowledge have been shown to us – the wise old wizard, the studious scholar, the professor, the rabbi, the priest. Then look at how intuitive wisdom is portrayed – the crazy or angry woman, the wild witch, the ugly crone. We have been taught to look to the master for their knowledge. This has then allowed many of us fall for the traps of the soothsayers, the charlatans and those selling quick fixes, fast certifications and ways to learn how to manipulate and manifest with energy. I fell for these traps. I was burned by fire. I can share from experience that those shiny things and fast inspiration end up hurting a lot in the end. They pushed my growth back, at sometimes for years. I would wonder why I could never move past a certain point of growth, I would plateau. Which just then made me feel more desperate for the next big thing. It’s a difficult cycle of constantly seeking. The spiritual path is slower, more easeful and simpler than all that has been shared. Look at nature’s intelligence and wisdom. If it’s more complicated and confusing, it probably isn’t true for you.

The biggest mind tapes I hear are that “I am stupid”, or “I am not worthy”. My Spirit fought them ferociously. I worked on excelling in my studies, I worked hard on trying to fuck with the capitalist systems and to win. I was strong, I was a fighter, I could do it! Nope – this just fed them. Fighting them doesn’t clear them. When I finally started to progress in eradicating some deeply set mind tapes, I had to initiate some major new boundaries. Certain people, places or things just were not allowed in my presence any longer. If they fed the old programs, or constantly threw their own emotional baggage at me to process for them, I had to either let them go, or tell them this is the new protocol. In boundary work, you need to be comfortable with all outcomes for them to work. And sometimes that outcome is burning the bridge. Not allowing the parasite to be fed.

If creative flow-playful spiral-open being state is the divine feminine, then the doing- direction-pure force state is the divine masculine. It is doing action in presence, without expectation of future reward or past reliance of an outcome. It is making the tea – without the need to make it perfectly, better than someone else’s, better than before, poorly, quickly, etc. It is simply making the tea, the divine act of doing. When I began to clarify the toxic masculine, and allowed with terms and boundaries to receive the divine masculine, the first message was to “bring back the Rabbah for their voice has receded”, or in other words, to allow the feminine wisdom to be amplified and trusted. Feminine wisdom is that inner knowing that you then follow and it shows true. So then, it could become a dance, between all the guidance and experience you have gathered within your presence, your Now.