FIRE – the masculine

I can only share with you all what I know NOW. In Now is Presence. In presence, there is our multidimensional being, one that carries the many stories of our past, our ancestral lineage past, as well as all infinite future spirit potential. It all resides in the now. It is when we get caught up in one of the stories mentally, and let it take us on a journey instead of us maintaining our presence, which is when the mind tape wins once again.  Our mind is a very powerful manifester. It is not that we are meant to ‘control’ it – this is an old teaching of the patriarchy. We are meant to clear it of any thoughts that inhibit our power of Spirit. The mind must support the feeling body to truly create from the heart.

This process is cyclical. This means you may step into healing the feminine, then move over to clear the masculine, then step back to the feminine, and take a two-step or pause there. The dance of your process is yours and unique to you, for we all are healing and clearing different experiences. You are unique. Your lineage, ancestry, body wisdom and Spirit are unique. I share all these tools in an order that honours the dance and the cycles, but trust when you are guided to move back and step forward, it is all okay.

We now are stepping into the teachings of FIRE. This is a process of clearing the mind and clarifying the masculine energy. Which means, it is time to unlearn all the programs.

If supremacism lies as emotional landmines and blockades within the body, colonization has taken over our minds and is using our mental resources for it’s benefit. It is the self-harming thoughts, negative self talk, judgements, denials, worry and FEAR. It is what makes you think you deserve all, no matter what the cost. It is the expectation of reward for effort. It is the colonizer, or the colonized. It is the need to survive. It is the protective measures to keep you safe. It is the ultimate power struggle – the fight to protect yours, or to take someone else’s.

It is in our educational system, the opinions of others, and the mind tapes of 500 years of colonization worldwide. It has been passed down for generations. It is within your family. It is in the English language. In French, Spanish, Italian, just think of any of the conquerors’ languages in history.  It is in symbols and images. It is in thought. That someone else’s power and resources are yours for the taking! Our notion of the ‘toxic ego’ is one of these mindsets. The teachings of being ‘selfish’, ‘selfless’, ‘worthy’, ‘deserving’, etc. Start looking up the meanings of words and their root forms. See how many carry the old teachings of one who has power to take with force, to change minds with force, to instill their way in another.

Think of all the times in your life when you were taught to take care of yourself no matter what the cost. Or, you and your partner are together against the world. It is an ‘us’ versus ‘them’ mentality that has been so ingrained into our minds that we sometimes don’t even realize that the mind tape has started playing. It is the mental effects of the feeling body’s supremacism experience. It is the denial of your need to also do the work. Truly, if you have read thus far, take a moment to congratulate yourself. Our minds and bodies at time repel listening to these truths.

Take a look at the times when your body revolted and you chose to make a change within your routine. Be it in health, wellness, fitness, job, relationship, whatever. Our body speaks, now we know. What comes swiftly during and after these potential changes in body? You hear it all over, these coaches are now making millions on it… MINDSET. What does this mean? That old, trusty mind tape, or shall I say, mind TRAP, came to f*ck with you once again! It starts to play, and it loops, again and again and again. It’s SET on this loop no matter how hard you try. So instead, you find those around you that RESONATE to cheerlead your MIND TRAP on and on, you are RIGHT and they/them/etc. are WRONG.

Judgements of others is a really difficult program to unlearn. We are happy to discuss the toxic masculine. Fuck the patriarchy! Those evil… But remember… this is masculine energy. Masculine energy is like fire – direct, pure force, intentional, clear cutting. You don’t play with fire, we all learn this. We learn how to work with fire. How much of it we actually need, and how much is too much. How to keep it from going out. How to stay fueled, but not create damage around us. Masculine energy is within all of us, no matter what our outer identity. But because of the immense toxic masculine that we were brought up with and continue to experience in the systems that support us to be better than all the rest… I find that we tend to waffle with our divine masculine fire. Waffle between deep unworthiness, inner critic and self doubt due to us having our fire snuffed out, or we become raging egoists.

It is a constant practice to check when the mind brings judgements and comparisons and feelings of superiority or inferiority into the room. It is a regular check-in on what words are worked with and shared in communication. It is an ongoing movement of healing the possibly immense harm and violence experienced from those with strong masculine energy. It is a regular practice in allowing boundaries to shift and change as I continue to dismantle all the things within my own mind that I have realized over time weren’t mine to begin with. The majority of thoughts within may not be your own.

There are also things that we call beliefs. Things that we were taught to be truths that if threatened will quickly play a mind tape on repeat, saying no, this is wrong and this is right. These may have come from education and religious teachings. Ones that teach a truth that goes against the good of all and maintains power over others. I am not stating education and religion are bad. Please. If that’s coming up in the mind, face that tape and see where it came from. I am saying that these certain platforms for teachings can interweave amongst many truths some harmful practices that keep you policing from within. It is very important as you move through clearing the mind to practice daily, for these false teachings can be the hardest ones to clear to truly allow you to experience joy within your life.

Now do you understand a little of what FIRE is all about? Phew! Take a breath. Fire is intense, it is pure force. We are taught to play with it, with ego, competition and oops, it did it again – better than/less than bullshit! This is when all the F-bombs come out to counteract the potency of the mind tapes. Where did they come from? THEY WERE PROGRAMMED INTO YOU. From society, in the education system, media system, religion system, family system, any other systems you want to name here? Look at the fictional books you were given to read as a child. What were the teachings of them? How were you taught of history, power and humanity? How was it peppered with bias and opinion but stated as if it was fact?

This is why meditation is so important. You start to observe the mind, to face these programs, firewalls, and mind tapes. You begin to discern that the harmful self talk within your mind wasn’t yours at all. It carries the sound of a relative, of a parent, a priest, a teacher. It has the sound of someone that held the power of others, carried power over others, or as Inelia Benz’ student so lovingly gave the acronym – carried P.O.O. Yup, this is what I refer to as the kaka. And it can get so loud, those voices, so ingrained into your mind, that this is what they create. Many of these were taught to either take from or protect another.  “People envy me” creates that shit. “People are out to hurt me” creates that shit. “I don’t trust others”, well you guessed the kaka trail by now.

Meditation has been proven to help clear the deep grooves and the loops of your mind tapes. It helps in your ability to discern. It asks you to sit and breathe as you watch and listen to the tapes run their course. To breathe and sit and watch and listen while you see the loop begin to slow down. To watch what happens when you find out where that mind trap was planted. To breathe and choose to step away from that tape, and slowly, when ready, to clear it completely.

With more space in the mind, you can then work on filling it with tapes that are loving for you and all beings. Ones that make you tingle and expand with love. This has been called many things: prayers, spells, incantations, intentions. I move between all these words, look up the meanings and see which ones resonate with you now. Then work on creating new programs. Ones that slowly can get stronger and louder. The mind is a powerful receptor. It will create what is playing within it. Especially when the mind and the body ALIGN harmoniously. When the feeling body releases and heals, it gets clearer and more aligned with your soul’s wisdom, which is the wisdom of your ancestors, the wisdom of your BODY. When your mind clears it’s destructive tapes, it gives you access to connect to SPIRIT, which then allows you to access your truth, as well as to receive more spiritual guidance from beings (such as angels & star people that have never been in human form). If intuitive wisdom lets you move through life with ease, spiritual guidance allows a deeper awareness of joy. Take note that meditation is the beginning of the mind journey. It gives you the practice/training to do the same work of observing the mind and slowing down the tapes in waking life. When you are walking, cooking, loving, teaching, working, whatever. The practice of meditation enables you to over time, bring these tools into all aspects of your life. But – for those that say meditation can be walking, cooking, doing, and that is their preferred practice, please note that I share this is a mind tape in itself. There is no other practice than being with You and breathing in stillness. If your physical body does not allow you to sit in comfort, then sit against a wall, propped with cushions, legs out, instead of crossed. Sit in a chair. Or if you need to, lie in a bed. But choose You. Give yourself the time required to be with your thoughts without moving. To be with what surfaces, to observe your mind. It’s integral to the clearing of the masculine.