Your Story

What’s your story? What brings you to this moment, this breath, this Now? What has shaped you, guided you, loved and nourished you? What has aided in revealing you more about Self, Purpose and Love? What has hurt you, what have you overcome, what lessons have you had to experience?


BIG EXHALE. Looooonnnng Inhale.

Who is I? Say your name. There is power in your name. Say it again, and again.

Synch this internal sound of your name with your breath. Breathe in You. Breathe out You.

Feel how your name can course through your very being. It can move along your internal energetic highways, traveling through your history and records that all lie in You.

Accept your name. Accept the feelings that arise as you breathe. Accept the life that has sparked you here. To this place. Close your eyes and be still for a moment, then open your eyes again.

Can you accept your story? Can you honor and respect your story? As much as you cherish the good memories, feelings, sensations and moments – can you embrace the bad, the difficult, the times when all that you could do was remind yourself to breathe? Love you. Love your story. See how incredible you truly are.

See your Self and allow it to be seen. Then write down your story, record it on a voice note, express it in a painting, or through moving your body however you desire to move. You are unique. You are Love. Your Story Matters.