Slowly but Surely

I have always connected to my nomadic ways of past-lives, as I traipsed and traveled around the globe. Me, my trusty suitcase, laptop and yoga mat. Some crystals and little things collected too. Wherever I set up as home, all I needed to do was to just place them on a bedside table, it was my action of setting up grounded home energy. But as I traveled, I found myself uniting with others, involving myself with communities, sharing life lessons, self-inquiry and Love. I then connected to my tribal ways of past too, my spirit felt fully the sustenance not just land and nature provide, but the nourishment received from Being in Presence of Others. The Tribe.

I traveled, I stumbled, I connected, I loved. I celebrated, I grew strong, in knowing who I am and accepting Me. It took me all the way to Bahrain in the Persian Gulf, still learning at thirty-something, as a partner in a Television Production company. It was tough work. It was all-encompassing, wild, chaotic, whirlwind of activity, productivity, creativity, WOW. I struggled to hold ground, to not get blown away in the sandy winds of this life chapter. Learning to blend in, then to stand strong in self, then to hold space with Love and Support to others, it was deep and ripping apart any self-doubts, fears, old shit that needed to be let free.

I learned a lot. Add your favorite expletive here. Yes! Life wanted me to learn, to grow, to reveal and to remember. I stayed in Bahrain for a whole 6 years, and in my time there I traveled deep within. I encountered big, deep, intense life lessons in All – purpose, self, career, love, roots, community. It’s been a tough and wild ride, huh?

The last year stripped me bare and rebuilt me slowly but surely. Injury, tragedy, difficulty. To me and to my closest friends and family. I always knew that I didn’t have sole control over the reigns of my life. But this past year I had to relinquish all control. To truly Let Go. To just Trust. Hope. And even that at times felt misplaced, and took me some time to relocate it. The only thing I had was my tools. My practice. My family. My home. I gently focused on my heart. Exposed, vulnerable and healing heart. I felt it entirely.

My heart. My home. The love and connection to Spirit, to Source, to hope that life can be sustainable, enjoyable, peaceful and sacred.

Heart spoke to me, softly whispering, Come Home. It’s time. Move. Connect to Family. Be your Roots. I started to plan, slowly finishing television series, feeling the sense of completion of having accomplished this. I then waited. I practiced Patience. Sat still and appreciated the beauty of Bahrain and the people and places I cherished. I walked, strengthened, moved my body with my students in celebration of all that we revealed with intention and dedication to our united practice. I flowed with what had to be the closing of a chapter, into the daze and dream of moving back to Toronto, my hometown. Of seeing my grandmother. My aunts, uncles. My siblings. Old friends. I returned home.

And I now don’t need to have a grounding crystal reminder on my bedside table. I have a home that is full of family dinners, laughter and song. That also is being nurtured to hold space for tears, for facing fears, for healing, for growth. But mainly for Being. That you can too step into my home and feel Heart. My heart, your heart. Love. Acceptance. Support. So we can Be strong in self, centered in purpose, and grounded in movement, in Life.

So that’s why I chose to come home. So I can share my heart space openly, to record my classes in a sacred and easeful place. Where through internet cables, modern technology and ascension of energy, of Us… we can journey together. Connected to heart. Through Life. With Love. Slowly but surely. All will reveal itself. All will be remembered. All will Be. OM.