The I, You and We

In my work with spirit, as I accepted that my path truly was for the good of All & One, it was shared from my spirit team that it was honouring the interconnectedness between the I, You and We. Since I work with individuals, as well as in group circle, there was a prompt occurrence that shared I must clarify this for those who choose to be in relations. Sometimes simple statements may feel like they carry room for misinterpretations, and in ensuring that the work is judgment-free, as well as safer for all bodies and spirits, I thank the guidance to further share on this.

The Mind carries the I and We. Hence, the amount of fluctuations in mental analysis and the plethora of own self-judgements that may fluctuate within. There is a part of us that knows we are an individual and another aspect of us that knows we are all one. This can lead to the ego to immensely protect the I. The ego fears the end of the I, so when connections to the We are made, it sometimes can lash out, share doubt or lack of trust in the innerstanding of allness. The I is also the part of us that ends up making our choices. So the I is also the aspect of self where forgiveness practices lie. (more to come on forgiveness practice later, so much to share on this!) Angels and ascended teachers all share of the importance of forgiveness, truly, they can’t stress it enough! Forgiveness of self is a layered process, as is all healing, and truly brings peace to all that you are when you are able to share forgiveness with self – for carrying the pain, for previous actions with others and with self, as well as for further innerstanding that forgiveness happens from within.

The mind is what shares judgement – the definitions of judgement are varied and quite intriguing. Judgement, as shared in the Oxford Dictionaries, can either mean “an opinion, or conclusion”, “the ability to come to considered decisions or sensible conclusions”, or “a misfortune or calamity viewed as divine punishment”. Woah! Quite the varied definitions. It works within polarities of how we have been taught of the negative and positive charges of energy we carry. That one is right, and the other is wrong. It also shares of the power of choice, making decisions for self, choosing a yes or a no, that you hope is right for you. Hence, when our choices may surmount to something that ends up feeling wrong, or ends up harming us, our capacity to choose well for self becomes in question, or judged.

So, when I share that my work is judgement-free, I am referring to the process of sharing more right/wrong to your mental activity. You may come into relations already judging your food choices, your media choices, your friend choices, your life choices, and I grant that I will not share an additional opinion to add to more confusion within the mind. I instead will ask you to bring your queries into your body and heart, to feel what allows you to be lighter, instead of carrying more baggage to clear later.

The body and heart carries the We and the You. But the mind, in it’s power to control the bodily functions, also will bring the I down into the body. And if the I feels most threatened over time, the ego may consume the You or We sensations. Not to fear, dear soul! Our body is a powerful regenerator! Clearing the intensity of the carried, or blocked emotions as they surface will assist in a more profound experience of communication to the body.

I was recently asked, “Who knows my body better than me?” The I makes us feel our body is separate from the We. That it is uniquely different than other human bodies. After deep contemplation with nature and body, Earth Mother came in strongly – she is so clear in her communication now! When I shared the question to her, she shared, we all know your body, your body is of the Earth, our waters and soil. It is of the womb, of Mother of All. We all feel your body, we are all connected through your body. Your body cries to share this love with you, we carry no judgement of how you have treated your body, we love you, for you are us.

I remember reading the book, “The Secret Life of Plants” which shared of the sentience of plants to feel when one of them was in harm’s way, and how they would protect each other by notifying them of harm. They, even in separate form, would do their best to maintain the safety of all. It resonated so deeply with the We that I felt within the body. Our body is a sentient being – we innerstand this with the amount of feelings, along the threshold of pain and pleasure it senses. There are multiple ways we have brought coping mechanisms to numb the body from it’s pains, immense emotions, in our solo attempts to protect it from more harm. So, when the choice to stop numbing the body is made, the intensity of sensation can almost feel too much.

This is when it is a powerful practice to speak to your body, to remind your I that the body is sentient, is part of a larger web of beings on the Earth, it is connected to Earth Mother. Allow it to connect and the Earth will move into your body to assist with the healing and regeneration you shared consent for. When it is shared that you heal yourself – it is in connection between your body’s vibration and the earth’s vibration. It is always in agreeance of the assistance of the We.

The You, within the heart, is acknowledging that there is an-other. There are many in one, and access to more beings in polarity, as well as in unity. The You reminds us that there is 3 – in the I, You and We, it carries the code of innerstanding the divine within all, as well as creation. Sound You (HU) as you bring your focus to your heart, and see what comes. In the heart is the seed sound.

So, in working for the interconnection of the I, You, and We within us, in order for the body to acclimate to it carrying the divine, and being an aspect of the divine, my choice to be judgement-free does not mean “free to harm”. I am a protector of the body, our collective sentient body, that we are all a part of and can link in sensation to the greater web of support in healing and growth that our body is ready to assist us in. I am a messenger of the heart, of assisting those in accessing their true sound to nurture the seed of the divine within and allow it to bring greater connection to the body in it’s growth and healing cycles of time, while releasing the reigns of the ego.

So please note, that I will not add to the internal battle of the mind, and will do my best to share ways to clear the mind, and to make space for it to carry more than one way – to nurture multiple perspectives within that can honour the I, the You and the We. But when the body shares it’s cry with me, I will protect it from more harm, for the harm shared with self is felt in all bodies that are interconnected with Earth Mother. In harming the body, in making the body separate, you are not harming yourself, you are harming us all.

The work I share for clearing emotional buildup within the body, deepening it’s relations to the earth, and opening to the heart is through my sound healing and energy clearing work. The mind work can be the most challenging, and it requires some mental strength and equilibrium in the mind. I only offer that now in spirit journey after an initial assessment. Meditation can be a great place to begin, but please always check in with a mental health professional if there are too many fluctuations in the mind, and an unleashed ego. You can work with a therapist first, and then move further into working together. It is all connected. Mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. There is no separation. It is All One.

In gratitude to the I, You, and We that are within and without. May we move at our pace as we heal and grow our connection to All that is. Much love.