WATER – emotions

Energy in Motion = Emotion

Feel it all. That’s the key! Allow yourself to feel all your emotions – even the ones that don’t feel ‘good’ or are judged to be ‘bad’. They need to be felt and accepted to be released. Energy in motion = e-motion. If you block or try to stop yourself from feeling, over time they can lead to cumulative buildup in the physical body, which can then move into dis-ease. The more that they are blocked, the deeper the dis-ease that may then require a scalpel in ‘modern’ medicine to cut it out. Even with part of the dense buildup of energy cut out, there are still residuals that will return if not processed.

All bodies are capable of processing emotions. This is the beautiful design of our physical bodies. They can and will process traumas experienced if asked. We always have a choice to feel. This is our free will. You can choose to feel and then process what you are feeling, or choose to judge it as something not good, liked, allowed, positive, etc. and then try to stick it somewhere within. Emotions begin as energy, but over time if not felt, moved, and released, will become more and more concrete in form. They will surface some way, guaranteed! Isn’t it wild to see how many checks that society has placed to ensure we don’t step into our creational flow? That our natural cycles and rhythms are something that we need to reconnect to and then work on trusting? Think of all the teachings you may have received to not speak, to not share what you truly feel. To be happy, to only share good things. Then to be chastised or ostracized if you expressed things that were not on the positive spectrum of emotions. Think of all the trauma experienced to keep you in check and moving through the oppressive systems to simply survive.

How were you taught to not feel? To not trust your intuition? Then how were you hurt because of stepping away from your own wisdom and guidance? What circumstances occurred to you without that inner guidance telling you to step away from that person, situation or experience? There is also the integral first wounds possibly within gender, race, and culture to consider here. Sometimes what has been given to us from birth to cope within the patriarchal system. Not all wounds are self-inflicted. Some also have come from ancestral lines and reside in your being from before you were even born. Feminine healing, emotional processing of denials and judgements, fears and violence to our beings run DEEP. So, allow it, but no need to dive into the depths of the deepest oceans just yet! Move through what surfaces first. What surfaces is not superficial, it is what is loose enough to move through without more pain. My work is in transmuting older emotional wounds and trauma patterns with those that are ready. I would never do this work with someone who has not done their own emotional processing first.

To go deeper takes courage, not force. For when you allow feeling – if you haven’t for a long time – to be felt and explored, it could not feel like a little trickle but an actual tsunami! You may start bawling for days, it will bring up all the ‘old’ feelings of self doubt, the frustrations, disappointment, the negative self talk, etc. to the surface. Emotions are also connected to those patriarchal mind tapes (programs within our minds). This will lead to a major state of overwhelm if you address both the emotions and the mind together right away. Give yourself permission to NOT analyze what surfaces emotionally. To simply let it surface. Let the feelings bubble up, be it anger, sadness, apathy, rage, boredom, glee,  ____ (fill in the emotion right here). Allow them to first move through your being, with no additional judgements or mental analysis. In order to let this occur, there are some key ground rules to allow the watery tumult to be cathartic and healing. The main one: please don’t throw your emotions at others. Try not to let them become performative and then potentially harmful to others. ALLOW YOUR EMOTIONAL PROCESSING TO BE PRIVATE.

Emotional Processing

Find a comfortable space alone, be it the bedroom, or my favourite – the bathroom. You got access to the water element right here! Take an Epsom/sea salt bath, or shower. Connect to the water element and allow the emotions to surface. Allow yourself to breathe and feel the sensations in your body. You don’t need to dig deep to access feeling. Give your body permission to feel. As you breathe, start with the intention to process your emotions that surfaced that day, that week, or in conversation with another. How do you know what has surfaced? It’s where you feel discomfort in your body. The dips in the belly, the pains in the pelvis, the constriction of the throat. The frustration, the impatience, the sadness, the discontent. Heat, tingles, compression, flutters, small jolts of electricity. Feel the sensations – be it that they bring up a pain or pleasure response – allow your sentient being to clearly share what is ready to move and release.

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Begin to listen to the sound of your exhale. Allow the sound of your emotion to surface, to move through your body and out of your mouth. Even as weird as it may sound. Let it OUT! All the way, until you feel the clearing that comes when it’s complete. You surrender to the sensation, allow it to get bigger – the sound, the feeling – and let it move through you. You can hum at first, or sound simple sounds like HAH, HIIH, HOH, HOUH. I know the sounds may bring up repulsion, or make you feel ugly or scary. The silencing of the feminine sounds runs deep in our body. It is the sound of the exhale. Let the sound of your bodily feeling be heard. Observe where it takes you, honour if you cry, gurgle, or moan. It may sound like you are birthing! You are releasing the energy of pain held within your body. Allow it to move out of you. You will know you are done when you have reached the empty that follows the release, the clear need to rest. Be gentle with yourself and allow some time of rest always after emotional processing.

Before you step forward again in the doings of life, protect yourself by rescinding access to your energy. With every new frequency shift you must protect. Take deep breaths from the belly up into the heart expanding out to the shoulders on the inhale. On the exhale direct that breath inwards towards your heart center. Visualize this heart energy created expanding around you. On an exhale, move the heart energy around you to feel your protective field of energy. Anchor that into the earth, visualize you directing your energy down through a soft pubic bone and down into the core of the earth. Then state your intention to fortify this protection work.

Your emotions are not to fear. They are not something to be ‘dealt with’, ‘controlled’, etc. They are energetic residuals within your body from an experience that hasn’t been released. They are your body intelligence. They clear any kaka that’s trying to accumulate in your physical form. Let them release. As you begin to clear the excess, you will be able to go further into healing emotional wounds and trauma responses. The more you release within you, the more capable you will be in not harming others. No more need to throw your hurt, anger, incapacity to process your emotions/situations towards another, which can only then bring in more resonant relationships within your life. Share more feelings than opinions. It works.


Resonance means when a sound frequency is sounded beside another sound frequency, it will then make a greater sound, a deeper, fuller more reverberating sound. (Think of 2 tuning forks struck beside each other and making a fuller, greater sound together). There is also dissonance, when 2 sounds may not create a fuller sound, but actually lack in harmony. As you heal your intuitive connection, you will then come to realize that that is your sound frequency, your current vibration. The clearer you are in connection to your senses, the clearer your sound will emit from your energy body. You will ‘feel it in your bones’, within your bodies, a vibration that feels easeful and peaceful. Then, that frequency will reverberate in harmony with those that emit a similar frequency.

This frequency is not a ‘level achieved’, it does not mean you are ‘better than’ another. It simply means you will resonate with someone that has a similar tone. This may reflect in what you have not healed within yourself that is similar within that other person or will resonate in what both of you have healed and worked on. People resonate in clarity or in non-clarity. This is important to know, for as you heal, release and clarify your sound, you may feel you fall out of resonance with another. Relationships then require regular check-ins and choice, plus resonance becomes a regular practice to see what is your new ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Our feeling body will speak with more clarity as we do the work to heal and process our emotions.

The sensations you feel are your guidance system! With clear initial breath, intention and protection boundaries (air teachings), feelings do not have to be scary or too much. It then becomes a loving embrace to gently move you through your days with ease and out of harms way. A lot of times though as we heal, the sensations that come up in the presence of another (be it someone that is known to us, or a stranger), can sometimes trigger a response that it is their shit and not our shit. Well, if you are feeling it, it resonated with something within you that you can process. If it accessed you, be it that it was thrown at you or shared, you then will need to process it if it stuck somewhere within your energy field. Know that some energy thrown at you may be intending to harm you. Yes, hexes are real, and energy can be used and manipulated by people. If something ever feels harmful, toxic or parasitic in nature and cannot be released on your own, please connect with me for a consultation. I can then either assist with it or guide you to another trusted healer that can.


As the initial tsunami of emotions eases, the emotional process will not always be that intense. It may become a day of privacy and release worked into your schedule. It may be you bringing singing and humming into your day. It may be shaking your body. Whatever you intuit to assist in processing emotion and allowing your energy to move.

Our natural body state is one of ease. It’s not meant to be difficult, hard and forceful. It does not have to be a fight. But we have been fighting for a long, long time. We have felt pain and been in battles with our bodies to protect ourselves from others harm. It may be what we have become used to. So even hearing the word ease may make you revolt and have an emotional/body reaction towards it. Be with your feelings gently. You can start with just what has surfaced from reading so far. Take a bathroom break, put on some gentle water sounds, whale sounds are also really soothing. Sound out your feelings. How do you know when the release is done? When you feel empty/tired/complete/clear. Drink lots of water, it helps in moving the energy. Stay hydrated.

I speak of feeling ‘clear’ a lot and wanted to share what this means in the body. For it is different than numbness/apathy which is a protective measure to the painful emotion below the surface. How do you know when emotional processing is done for now? When there is less of a charge around it. When it feels neutral, not +ve or -ve (which is a reaction). Clear is ease, it is peace. You will feel empty of kaka and constriction. You will feel soft and open. You will be the lobster that released their shell, but without the fear of being vulnerable. How do you release the fear or worry? With boundary once again. Hence the pulse between the open feminine energy and the supportive masculine energy. In that clear, open, vulnerable feeling state, in ease – clearly state what you would do after clearing your house. State what is allowed, not what you do not want. ‘I am open to receive _____. I allow ____.’ Etc. Be simple and true.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water shows this brilliantly, and he is easily googleable. His work shows how words and sounds create different forms within water. Remember that our bodies are about 70% water, right? As you process your emotions, be aware of what words and sounds you allow around you. If they are fearful, harmful and judging words/sounds, they will simply add more pebbles to clear. They may also become the force that creates the rip tide! This could be in music, words out of your mouth, or who you listen to. Sensitivity is not something to fear. As you become more open, give yourself more boundaries that will honour the space that you require to do this deep work.

What feelings have surfaced? Is it around the initial systems that were part of your story? Does it have to do with how you identify as a woman? Or is it how you identify as something soft, open, responsive, sensory and feeling? Or is it your resistance to what is shown to be feminine in society? What surfaces when you say the word feminine, or mother? What comes up in memories of words/teachings shared by the mothers, aunties and grandmothers in your family? Did they support your sacred self, your individuality and power? Or did they reverberate their own wounds and survival tactics into you? Are you their wounds amplified? Or are you connecting to the ancestral grief and rage felt that live within your being? You do not have to heal all your ancestral trauma to access your ancestral wisdom. By living and speaking your truth, you can gently release deep ancestral wounds. For more work on ancestral healing, I have recommendations for you if needed.