Part 2 – AIR

Clearing, Protecting & Intention

This is the first step in clearing your energy body. Becoming aware that you have an energy body, and how so early on, the choice to be you may have been altered by cultural and societal circumstance. It is important here to try not revert to the oppressor/oppressed dynamics of yesteryear. If at any time during this self work you feel you need more help, ask for it. Breathe and welcome in your story. It’s yours.

Protection is paramount as you do this work. You must first close the borders of your energy body. Unbeknownst to you, you may have been granting energy access to many people within your life, both past and present. They have their own! They do not need to access or feed off of yours. RESCIND any permission you have given other people to your energy body. This needs to be said out loud. Words carry sound, which is energy, which is power. When you are clear and right within all bodies, words can create very easily. Spirit has given this word to use, Rescind. Use it, this is a strong spell. Take back your power from past lovers, employers, friends, family, etc.

The only beings that you choose to allow into your energy bodyare the ones that you agree to do their healing work with them and for them, together. This may be someone you are sexually active with, are committed to like a spouse, or is your dependant. Everyone else please RESCIND any permission you may have given them. They have their own energy body and power stores. You cannot heal yourself if you are allowing so many beings drawing from your energy field. You will only feel constantly tired, drained and confused. Bring Clarity back Now. “I rescind any access to my energy body from [say name] Now. I rescind all access to my energy NOW!”

Breathe between statements. Be strong in your statements until you feel clearer in the body, as if your breath can move easily from your nose down to your toes. If any discontent in the body occurs when you state these words, locate it. Breathe into that specific area and state the rescind spell there until it clears.

Just like when you clear your room and your home – your external space – when there is a body clearing, you must then place intention into the space to protect it. Take some deep breaths and close the borders to your energy body. Visualize your globe, your torus field around your whole body. State out loud your intention for this course. Allow the intention to be “I AM” statements. Know that each time you may move through these healing cycles, the intention may become clearer, or it may stay the same but the words-sounds get stronger. State it out loud. Breathe deeply and speak clearly. Alter any words if they make you feel discomfort in your body. Find the intention statement that is clear and right for Now. An intention that can move freely within your being, carried along by the messenger of Breath.

You can rescind access as many times as you need to, and as you become stronger in your connection to your energy body, you may find subtle ways you were allowing others in. You must give consent for beings to step into your energy body. As you get stronger in rescinding previously given access, you may find that there may need to be new boundaries in your life. I always share, if ever you are in a combative experience that doesn’t feel right to you, where someone is trying to step into your energy field, go to the bathroom! Lock the door, breathe and rescind. State your intention and find your center. You are protected and safe.

Homework is to do “Preparing your Energy Body” meditation daily for 5 days. Continue to journal and face your story with gender, race, privilege, and culture, and what is surfacing from your story. There are many excellent teachers that teach specifically on unpacking privilege, proximity to power, anti-oppression work and identity. If at any time you feel that you want more resources, I am happy to share some recommendations.

Refine your intention and continue to rescind. Begin to observe the 4-parts of the breath, how it reflects the healing cycle, and how the length of each part of the cycle you can choose for yourself.

Start taking back your choice and power in this healing journey.

You are a Gift.