Being a Warrior

When I first connected to my past lives, I knew that in many I was a necromancer. I communicated to Spirits that have transitioned from one plane of existence to another. It was one of my gifts that moved through my lives with me. I remember also my lives as a warrior. A male fighter, with metal armor, on the battlefield. I hoped I fought for what’s right. I remember when I was in Ancient Egypt, part of a secret cult of keepers on sound energy. I remember back back back when I was a dragon, the ultimate flame thrower. One who understood that strength and fire power was not ever meant to terrorize. When I met within this life in Bahrain another teacher, a sensei of Tai Chi and Aikido, who then after meeting with me dreamt of our time together in a past life as fellow warriors to give me the message. The call of remembrance that has come many many times. Wherever I seemed to travel or run, my warrior found me.

In this life I would cringe at a gun, look at violence and harm against others with disgust and dismay, and hide from the fight. I was the one on the playground that wouldn’t want to ‘choose sides’ but fuck with the system of opposite sides itself. I dismantled a many recess battles by simply standing my ground and saying NO, I will not play this game. I have dove into years of trying to ‘play’ the game of patriarchy that is taught to us by the toxic supremacist structures, and am grateful for my fire taking me back on the Light path no matter how hard or far I strayed. I continuously dance between the innocence of my child and the power of my warrior. I carry light codes that will help clear the toxic masculine and bring back the divine feminine/masculine balance. The only path I can now be on is my true path. My heart will literally burn me from the inside out if I do anything else but.

The flame of the heart. It’s on. Do you feel it? How this year the energy of our macrocosm (sun, earth, stars, moon, etc.) will not allow untruths to sit and be anymore? That we are all being called to step up, be the warrior, and dismantle the fears, oppression and judgements upon each other? It’s time to do the work. To step into the discomfort of fully seeing, feeling and listening to all that is within our microcosm of Self. We dismantle from within. Face all of your feelings, process all of your shit. Stop playing ‘small’ or ‘large’. It is time to Be You. Your sacred self. Those of us who have been processing for eons stand up to help, support, and guide. To eradicate these old toxic parasitic systems… for good.

This is your call to action. To do the work. We are all healing, releasing, moving, shifting into our balanced selves. Moving into the energy of the heart whether you like it or not. Process your feelings, my love. Process the discomforts and the icky. If you don’t know how, I am here to help. I am a warrior of light, and I promise to assist you. You always have choice. Place your hands on your belly and just above your navel. Feel what’s moving and wishing to be expressed and cleared. Sound it out, your warrior cry.