Elemental Teachers

3 sisters walking along the beach barefoot

As I embrace the elements as my teachers, learning from their simplicity and their wild chaos, I accept more and moreso my main focus on releasing judgements and expectations. Do you blame fire when it burns you? Do you hate the ocean when a wave pushes you over? Do you give judgement to how hot the sun beats down on you? No, the elements just are what they are. They are innate power within this world of ours, their energy manifesting significant changes, their pull attracting many to discover what their guidance may be. I see their power in the eyes of you and each other, hence why I continue to attempt in meeting everyone half-way, accepting their communication, actions and connection to their own power without judgements. Acknowledging you as the firey force of nature you can be. Admiring your attempts to live your truth and share more and more so your most awesome power of self. Living my beach life, I continue to look at my surroundings as mirrors of my inner self. I discover by the showcased chaos or order what my lessons must be that day. Each day is different, a simple ride of time, light and dark, nourishing my physical body as I breathe into my spirit. My body, one that consists of these elements, fire, water, earth and air intermingles with my spirit and the element of space (making up the fifth), allowing me to look at these reflected teachings, reaffirming my existence and potential.

Water has taught me the flow of life; the constant energetic movement within the vast ocean mimicking my internal body of water and it’s pulse of emotions, wild and waiting to push through. It has connected me to my femininity, the creative play of the waves, the inconsistency and unpredictability that comes with the constant change. It has shown me how to feel, to move with my sensory experiences, to discover what is outside of the categorized boxes found within the city. It has tapped me into my nomadic roots, of me finding the potency in shifting circumstances, in revealing the comfortable adventure within life’s movement. I have seen the guaranteed pulse, the ebb and flow, the energetic release that comes with the waves on the shore. I have danced with Mama Ocean, letting my toes slip through the sandy shifting bottom, not fearing the uncertainty, but trusting in the current around me to move with me, or sometimes push me where I need to go.

Flow is a powerful thing. At times, I have allowed it to be my main stage, diving under the waves of emotion and dancing with what may come. Allowing my heart and feelings to guide the way. But if I get too caught up in the flow, the rip tides may come, pulling me into new spaces where I may feel the fear that still is a powerful force in itself, testing how much I trust in you, in myself, in my surroundings. I always have a choice, to dive deep, or to float on the surface. To coast along or to attempt in shifting the current. Let me tell you, there is an awesome power around us, the current is strong. Why do we try to shift it? Well, for as much as we can surf and swim with change, we also always have a choice. A choice to connect to our own internal power force, or to give it freely away.

Fire has taught me how to ignite my own power, how to reveal my protective and strong inner masculine, to feel the ferocious and brilliant heat from the core of my very being. Radiantly reflected within the seductive heat of the sun, or purposely ignited in the bonfires, flames and smoke of the night. It has highlighted to me as much as life may push and pull you in different directions, it is my choice if I want to go along for the ride. It is my choice and will to stay in surroundings, circumstances and company that is good for me, that reveals and affirms my brilliant inner flame. Sometimes my fire is tested, a cloud will cover my light momentarily, the kindling within my body gives up on keeping it going, ashes float through the air as I feel helpless or out of control. And all I find that takes to relight it, to move through the occasional cloud or attempt on extinguishing my flame, is either the affirmative light within someone else’s eyes, or simply sitting in the beauty of my surroundings. Soaking in the reflected light, sunbathing in my mirrored fire, stoking it with the bellows of my breath. Remembering that sweet affirmation, that I am a being of firey light, that I have the same power within that I see every day blasting through the Ecuatorian coast and occasionally blistering the skin of the uncertain.

Water and Fire, that is what I am. A consistent balance of opposites, a wild mix that can be as chaotic as I desire, as calm and orderly as I need it to be. I continue to flow from my emotive heart and body, dancing with the waves around me, delighting on coasting along my path, the only one that is true and right for me. And I progress in igniting my intuitive flame, my inner will and guidance, to play with the constants and to work with the surprises. I have learned to release and let go of how others may judge, and be it that I am shown anger, cruelty or kindness, I continue to live from a place of love. In love with my path, my body and spirit, the harmonizing surroundings I trek into and towards, and the people, the animals, even the insects that guide my learnings, knowingly or unbeknownst to them. I feel immense gratitude to having this opportunity to share what I am going through, and to continue to discover how to readily express accurately what is occurring within.