Supporting our energy body

Josi is a practicing Reiki (life energy) practitioner for the past 13 years, as well as teaches & mentors Reiki practitioners privately. Their studies of subtle energy includes decades of meditation practice.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a subtle energy practice (hands-on or -off) that supports cleansing energy, protecting, and the transmutational process of healing &/ growth. It is gentle, like acupuncture, just breathe and receive. It is good maintenance, like massage, for your energetic body and well-being.

hands gently over water ripples

“Josi is a kind, compassionate and powerful healer. She possesses a deep respect for the teachings that she shares very generously. It has been such a pleasure to learn from her. She pushes you to expand your mind and develop your gifts feeling fully held and supported along the journey. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from such a grounded teacher. The tools I have developed through her guidance have allowed me to feel more confident and able as an intuitive energy healer. Josi you are so loved and respected. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to open to the word of energy medicine and spiritual guidance.”
- Jaime Verk, Toronto

Booking Information

Support your energetic well-being by scheduling an energy session. Treatments are held in-person. Distance treatments online are also avaialable.

1st session (1.5 hrs): $144 includes initial intake, energy assessment, and first treatment.
Follow-up sessions (45 mins): $75
In-depth sessions (1 hr 15mins): $108

In-person treatments are either held at your home, or at a private studio in the Meaford area. For distance treatments, a zoom link and preparation instructions is shared. Please email Josi with your preferred times and days.

josi's hands on a log

“Josi is an amazing healer. I had never experienced energy work until I worked with Josi and it truly blew my mind; the physical sensations, as well as the calming and grounding that I experienced internally. Josi is confident and strong, combining that with being gentle and compassionate at the same time. I have no hesitation in recommending Josi. She is a joy to work with and to learn from, and I miss our sessions greatly. I am truly thankful for having met Josi and for her introduction to the beautiful energy of Reiki”
- Hannah Kennett, Dubai



Seasonal Gardening

Josi’s services include planting/transplanting, edging, soil amendments, mulch, weeding, and all that is needed to maintain a beautiful garden throughout the season. She is currently accepting 3 more gardens for the 2024 season.

With reverence for the Earth

Josi's passion for gardening stems from their connections with earth energy. Josi continues to dedicate time to care for the earth and it's plants, promotes native & pollinator-friendly planting, and continues to marvel at the beauty and joy a garden can gift!

chalkboard sign in garden reads as i work on the garden, the garden works on me

“Josi has maintained my gardens for two seasons. She knows plants. Josi has transformed my garden with her knowledge of plants, soil and environmental elements. Not only are you investing in her quality and pristine work, but you will also benefit from her knowledge. She is creative in using all cost-effective resources, when an option, such as seeds, plant sales. Beautiful gardens that bloom all summer with a reasonable investment. Thank you!”
- Jo-Ann Van Maurik, Meaford

Booking Information

Hourly rate is $30+
Josi works in Meaford, Thornbury, and the surrounding area. There is an additional transportation fee for more than 25km traveled.

Initial garden cleanup: 2-4 hours
bi-weekly maintenance: 1-3 hours
(depending on size of garden)

We can coordinate a good time to get into your garden!

hands with dust in between

“If you are looking for knowledgable, enthusiastic gardening help, then Josi would be the perfect choice! This young lady catches on very quickly, asks important questions and aims to please! She just finished edging and mulching several of our perennial borders and fluffed last year’s mulch. The property has never looked better and we will call on Josi when it’s time to deadhead and weed next month!”
- Lee Watt, Meaford


legs crossed and seated on earth with hands open and beckoning

In hand with Spirit

Divination offers us connections with Spirit, sharing with us further perspectives. Tarot is a tool to work with Spirit, offering guidance in a depth that supports working with our shadows and light, finding our own harmony amidst our healing and growth.

Tarot & beyond

Josi brings decades of experience working in counsel with Spirit - of ancestors, Ancients, and those most Divine. They have been supporting private & group spirit connections for 13 years, plus working with tarot for well over 20 years.

"Josi is a wonderful guide through self. They are very thoughtful and aware of themselves and the power of their words and space. There is so much knowledge she has to offer and it was a real pleasure to discover and connect. I have deeply grown from the time knowing Josi and the spaces she has created, and feel so much more joy and inner peace in my life.”
- Alexis Cash, USA

Booking Information

Josi’s tarot services can be done in-person, or online. When done online, they are recorded, and you will receive a private video/audio link of your choosing for further review. In-person, you are welcome to record it on your phone.

$50: 3-card spread, in relations to a query
$100: seasonal guidance, multiple queries
$250: annual cycles, birthday reading

Josi also does share Akasha/Ancestor journeys, or further learning with Spirit. You are welcome to email her directly with your inquiry. These journeys are sliding scale, from $130-220, in sacred reciprocity.

"I was connected with Josi 5 months after my nervous breakdown. I took a leave of absence from my corporate job to prioritize my healing. I sought help through traditional channels such as psychotherapy and medication which was a slow and depressing process. I needed a deeper kind of healing. My session with Josi was like psychotherapy for the spirit. Josi’s oracle medicine stayed with me for 3 months following our first session and the symbolisms and connections built momentum over time. My journey towards wholeness and hopefulness took a giant leap forward following my time with Josi. I felt both euphoric and grounded in her presence. I believe this kind of work to be necessary and invaluable… I consider these sessions to be an investment in self growth. Any individual lucky enough to cross paths with Josi will be elevated to a new way of being."
- Lilah T, Canada

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