Excited to prepare to share publicly some perceptions of 2 ~ and how sweet si is ~ for us to explore together… can we celebrate that, along my 33 year journey with, and my 22 years of trials in 2, I now can share WE HAVE GRADUATED FROM 1 MY LOVES (!!), if we can share this on Youtube, than means YOU & u too dube and dude! HAVE landed in the perceptual awareness of 2. It must have been able to come, “collectively”, together, because WE ALL have been doing 1 for some time? Yes? Publicly.

Well… Privately, secretly, in sacrfce, n sacred spaces or places, we… have gathered to explore the awareness of more than 1? Or 1 + 1? Or is 2 simply the awareness of IN ADDITION 2, the plus sign (+), yes? Can we breathe in, to be relieved, that our world has at least grounded into that? That there is something in addition to ONE YOU? That there is YOU, YOU UOU UOU +++

AND DOES THAT MAKE YOU SQURM N MEDITATION? How does it make you feel n relaton to? What you experience in you? How can this space together, we praccitce the processes of being 1+, and trust that in this invitation, by us allowing us to play and breathe into 2 ~ that many of us here now, listening in, are here in ths process to review, relisten, and in the process of it to discover something new, to affirm that we once knew? And know? That we are in the processes of knowing? That this practice can support things that involve more than you? Like Yours? And Mine? And ours? And even theirs?

So, I may sew. Sew with sounds kept most sacred, to allow your most precious to hold dear. Sing with words most switched-up and perrr-fuked, to support us moving into affirming the beauty in dual and polar and … AND… AND.. AD… A… (oh, and yes, there’s more to come. All ways, loves. So, can we slow slow slow and enjoy the waves, flights, and rides more? Can we celebrate that also many of us may affirm our Ring 3 of consciousness too? and encounter what gifts we get to share here now and through?

(check out the Meditation Invitation, Ring 1 (med’s #1-19), and now welcome dear publick to a celebration most ecstatic, one that we’ve been waiting for, sometimes most impatiently, so can we sit with Spirit together and affirm what’s been worked with, and what may come in review? Enjoy now Meditation Invitation, Ring 2 (med’s 20-29), and yes, my most ancient Divine, Ring 3 will gift some treats (stay tuned for 30-33), ringing in the 2-0-2-3, ready us weavers we.