Welcome 1

By this date, AND at this time, this is a tidbit of what I wish to share with you about who I am now. I, JOSI A H.

For you see, I am always changing. At times, I crosss my legggs like girls do, and at other times, I remember to breathe out that KAKA of WHAT I AM ((meant?) to do? Just becust I half (a) womb:?

Then…I get comfortable. I open my legs, and take the seat of the Emperor (Tarot helpers, yes?), and I access the movement, the sound, breath, and dance of ME. Man, yes? Quire, yes? Trans? Boom.

Then, I WELL-KAHOOM you… to share ALL of YOU too. And to honour that we SHIFT, yes?

2gether? With Self? With You and I? In Us? of us? through us? around us? What?

We transMUTE, we transDUCE, and we transPOND(-err..). We are switchers, coders, divine record keepers. Healers and Teachers.

Welcome You who works with 1, go one way on this blog, it can affirm what the journey of 1 may bring… go the other way on this blog, and you may confirm you have moved towards…. (more?)