My Spirit has always been strong. I was able to discern harm from a very young age, and as I experienced trauma in the forms of physical and sexual assaults, emotional & mental abuse, my Spirit did all it could to protect me. At times, that protection became difficult, for my body was so used to trauma that I would put myself into difficult situations, I would step further off the spiritual path. There would be times I would experience blackouts, my body would pass out, or my eyes would stop seeing. The light and innocence within my body would resist these choices, my intuition and Spirit working together to best help me.

But the fears, the violence and the judgments of others found their way in. The toxic entities would grow, parasites happily eating on the more and more fear and lack of safety I felt in my own being. The more trauma experienced, the more I was the victim, the more the victim could be. It is a vicious cycle that continued to grow within my years, followed me into my twenties and thirties.

My body began to shut down in my teens. So, I then learned body practices, like yoga and received regular bodywork, like massage to begin to feel my body again. As I actively participated in the journey to healing, I would continue to experience more trauma. One of my massage therapists (female) wanted to massage my breasts and I could feel energetically it wasn’t from a pure intention. I had even other trauma survivors meet me in my mid-twenties to throw their knowing of my trauma experienced back in my face. One shared she knew I experienced it, so why wasn’t I sharing about it with her in the ‘safe space’ of the yoga studio I taught in?

Our public spaces, and even the private ones if commodified for profit are NOT safe spaces. They are NOT protected. I learned this from continuously trusting and opening my energy body to others in such spaces and being harmed and retraumatized. There were some places, some privately protected instances that I facilitated over the years that did become safer. But I knew that in order for me to truly understand PROTECTION, and how to step out of the trauma cycle of oppressor vs. oppressed that kept on showing up in my life under different names (victim/agressor, martyr/saviour, and empath/narcissist) I had to try to extricate myself out of the greatest toxic system – the parasite that is Capitalism. Capitalism is defined as an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit (Oxford dictionary in Google). Some red flags here are that people own/control things for personal gain alone, for profit.

So in 2012, in the dawning of a new age, where slowly the energy scales were moving back into balance, I stepped out of it and stumbled my way through an 8-year journey of ups and downs, huge revelations and oh yes, more trauma. For I couldn’t fight this system, for it was violent energy that this parasite fed off of. I was ready to give up, time and time again. Multiple times as well I actually lost hope. The toxicity won some ground.

Yes, I have been actively healing trauma experienced and the toxic patriarchal systems I was born into for 22 years. I have witnessed how the parasitic entities of fear, violence and judgments of others would happily replay themselves in my mind. They are the strongest mindtapes which continue to loop within us, until we actually believe them to be true. Yes, these parasites attack our minds – which can also be our direct access to Spiritual guidance. But the trauma of these attacks is experienced by our physical & feeling body, and we have been taught by society to keep this trauma safe inside by either analyzing it (distancing ourselves from the feeling and adding a new mindtape to it), not talking about it (silencing & compressing it), or by throwing it at others (sometimes seen as ‘sharing’ it, or also can be seen in argumentative outbursts).

The more I began to connect my Spirit and body, the more I gave up the fight against the toxic systems. I learned another way to step out of the trauma cycles. Clear, protect and release, protect. Clearing and release are pretty self explanatory. Energy protection requires some further discussion at this time. Especially since as we are now in a more powerful cycle of Spirit embodied, where there is now a much clearer path for all beings to CHOOSE to walk, even if it may come in many ways.

Protection goes both ways. Protection moves all ways.

When you protect yourself energetically, you then actually have to choose to maintain those borders. You can’t protect yourself from something then still access that same thing. You can’t protect yourself from toxicity (in a person, place or thing), and then allow the same remnants of that toxicity to stay inside of you. Protection is your first access to your creational capacity. It teaches you how effective what you create can be. Protection is where you, your Spirit and your Body all are in mutual agreement on something. They say “out!” and all of you then agree to work on this together. Spirit will protect you from things you may not even know are coming your way yet! This means, if things after protection are not accessible anymore, or still leave your surroundings, it is for your protection.

Body will protect you by releasing what is within you, and if you are not ready to let it go, it will surface as either discomfort in feeling, or a traumatic response in itself – numbness, no feeling at all. This is what I help with, so if you are in need or this resonates, I am here. Once release occurs, you protect again. For protection is divine. Clearing and releasing space is a practice to connect to the divine Feminine. The beautiful swirling creation energy that we all are gifted connection to as human bodies of earth. The energy within the space within us and around us. The act of protection is your introduction again to the divine masculine. The unconditional support of directional energy and pure force energy. It is what supports this feminine energy, to allow it to be. So then, these two energies can harmonize and work and communicate together, to create the 3rd energy – the sacred fire, the heat and power of Love for Self, One, All and Spirit.

Which brings up another reason why I am called to share of protection Now. This spiritual path, used to be seen as a light path, which the opposite would be of a ‘dark’ path. This is an untruth. Dark is not bad at all, it is feminine earth energy. There is the spiritual path, and the path that is not (not of this universes, as well as not humxn). So when people have used energy in the past for their own personal gain, or for the good of a few and not for all, they are stepping off the spiritual path and moving into playing/manipulating with energy. Which feeds the toxic entities and the parasitic entities within us and around us. Energy is power. Power is worked with, you do not play with it. Protection is necessary, and I look forward to a time where we will not need to always protect, for all will be on a path for the good of all.

So when the onslaught of toxic entities’ response in some people’s bodies to Black Lives Matter was that ‘all lives do’, it was a way of that toxic entity keeping us away from doing work for the good of all beings. It was a body response that became a mind tape and then a toxic spell to try to combat the deep energy healing occurring with Black, Indigenous, Queer and Trans bodies of immense cycles of trauma experienced. Pay attention to the toxic right now and do not let it in. So, in order to combat this parasite attached to the word all, I have added additional layers of protection to my work.

My work and offerings carry different layers of protection to them. My work is for the Good of All light beings on this planet, but this does not mean that ALL my work is available to everyone. This blog and my youtube channel are available to all. I have placed an additional layer of protection to my instagram videos, which are now available only for Y’all. This means You All, those that acknowledge the Divine (You), and have chosen to step out of feeding the fear, violence and judgment of others. It is a repurposed word from southern speech that now carries the energy of the 3rd non-binary energy, since it is now used as a greeting respectfully acknowledging all genders expressions.

My energy work is to share tools on how to take back your power, and then to reconnect and balance the feeling body with Spirit. My mentorships are available for those that are ready to learn the tools on how to clear, protect and release the body’s trauma experienced. These teachings are protected and will not work unless practiced for the good of All bodies and living beings on this planet. We also address shifting the mind from the mind traps of the patriarchal toxic systems and begin to access Spirit guidance once again. If this is of interest, you must choose to connect with me. I will not just give access to anyone. My work is not a commodity, and is not a product for capitalism to feed off of. You must choose and consent to do this work. I will not continue the trauma cycles. But I can share tools on how to step out of them and continue the healing cycles with protection and sovereignty.

If any fears, mind responses or body reactions arose from these words, please first do this meditation available on my Youtube channel: You are Protected & Safe. If you are ready to do some work and take back ownership of your energy body, you can connect with me at hello(at)themovementkey(dot)com. Step through this time with discernment. Protect yourself so you can step out of the harmful cycle of trauma experienced. Spirit is with you.